Antelope Canyon Ultras

100 Mile / 50 Mile / 55K / Half Marathon (Trail)

  • Location: Page, AZ
  • Date: March 12-13, 2022
  • Terrain: Trail
  • Difficulty: Moderate (3.5 💧)

* Our policy is to always defer to the local leaders of the communities where we host our events as we understand the impact our races may have on them.  We are currently awaiting confirmation that the Navajo Nation is open to a 2022 event and will update runners on all platforms when we have news!

Quick Info

Race Details

Date: March 12-13, 2022
Location: Page, AZ
Start Time: Depends on distance
Weather: 38° – 60°F

Course Type: Loop
Strollers allowed? No
Disability friendly? No
Dogs allowed? Yes (on a leash at expo/finish)

Date: March 13, 2022
Location: John C. Page Park in Page, AZ
Hours: 11am-7pm MST

Bib & Packet Pickup
Expo pickup recommended

Registration & Pricing

Price: Depends on registration periods (below) and distance. Details »

Registration Periods







Refund Policy
- Refunds available until Late Registration ($10 fee).
- Deferral, Race Transfer, and Bib Transfer always available ($20).

Full Policy Details.
*Refunds not available due to weather

Want to use a deferred credit? 
Login to RunSignup, click Deferrals, Complete Deferments

Travel & Other Info

Fly Into
St. George (SGU) - 2 hrs. 45 min. Las Vegas (LAS) - 4 hrs.
Phoenix (PHX) - 4 hrs. 30 min.
Salt Lake (SLC) - 5 hrs. 45 min.

Driving Directions: The race start & staging area will be at the Page Shores Amphitheater in Page, AZ. This is a natural amphitheater located off of Coppermine Rd and Hwy 98

Lodging Options

Packages & Pricing

100 Mile - Antelope Canyon 

March 12-13, 2022

Early / Regular / Late Price
$250 / $300 / $350

50 Mile - Antelope Canyon

March 12, 2022

Early / Regular / Late Price
$200 / $225 / $250

55K - Antelope Canyon

March 12, 2022

Early / Regular / Late Price
$150 / $175 / $200

Half Marathon -Antelope Canyon

March 12, 2022

Early / Regular / Late Price
$100 / $125 / $150

Charity Bibs

Want to run for a great cause? Fundraise for your chosen race and your registration fee could be waived. All funds go to Wander Project to support efforts in and around the communities that host our events. We primarily fund three project areas including: preservation and conservation of public lands; education around local ecology and stewardship; and the promotion of health and well-being. Learn more about Charity Bibs here!

Note: There is no Wait List!
Sign up for your chosen race as soon as possible. When a race distance sells out, there is no waiting list should someone drop out. Once sold out, registration will close and a race entry may be obtained through a bib transfer from another runner selling their spot. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our bib transfer policy before buying/selling a bib.

Race Deferment & Credit

You can manage your deferred credit by logging in to RunSignup, clicking Deferrals, and Complete Deferment. From there you can transfer into another race.

Course Descriptions & Maps

  • Trail Half Marathon
  • 55K
  • 50 Miler
  • 100 Miler

Trail Half Marathon

Course time limit: 5 hours    
Race start time: 7:30 am

The trail half marathon runs around the slickrock formation that the starting line is next to, then links up onto the Page Rim Trail which the city of Page is built upon. The runners will complete a single loop. The Page Rim Trail is smooth singletrack. This is a fast and very runnable ten mile loop with 4 road crossings and spectacular views of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam. It then returns to the starting line via the more direct route that the other race distances will use to get up onto the mesa.

*Note - the half marathon distance does not run through slot canyons. We recommend booking a tour before or after the race.

Avenza Offline Course Maps

Now you can use our maps offline with a gps-enabled device!

We plan to mark the course with such rigor that you should not need your own map to help you find your way. However, we have experienced blown down signs and vandalism in the past. We recommend downloading the free Avenza app (available for iOS, and Android devices) before the event. There you can find our uploaded maps that work without cell coverage.

Here's how:
1. Download the free app "AVENZA MAPS" to your smart-phone or tablet while your device is online. It’s compatible with iOS, and Android devices.
2. Open the app > Tap "Store" (Shopping Cart Icon) > Tap "Find Maps" > Search for the specific distance you would like to download. Type your search exactly as it appears below:
     Antelope Canyon 100 mile Ultra
     Antelope Canyon 50 mile Ultra
     Antelope Canyon 55km Ultra
     Antelope Canyon Half Marathon
3. Tap on the label on the map > tap "install" and the map will begin to download.
4. The map is now ready to use “offline”. Simply open the app, click on the Map and your GPS location will appear on the map.

Tap below to directly download your race distance map!

Beautiful race

Beautiful race, coming back next year!

Susy Gutierrez
Bryce Canyon Ultras Runner

Had an amazing time

We had an amazing time. Thank you!

Deb Hamberlin
Bryce Canyon Ultras Runner

Ultra Marathon Aid Stations

Before mile 26, we have a more basic set of foods available at each aid station including things like:

  • Water
  • Gnarly Hydrate electrolyte drink
  • Fresh-cut fruit
  • Soda
  • A variety of both salty and sweet items

After mile 26, the aid stations will also have real food that may include:

  • Boiled potatoes
  • Tortillas w/ Nutella
  • PB&J
  • Turkey sandwiches
  • Dill pickles
  • Chips
  • Candies

All aid stations are stocked with self serve aid stations supplies such as anti-chafing agent, and sunscreen. In addition, we will have a limited supply of gels, salt caps, and electrolyte caps. 

If any item is of critical importance to your ability to finish, please consider putting it in your drop bag. While we want to do our best to help each runner finish the race, food selection is often a guess as to what each runner will want or need, and we occasionally guess wrong. For example, if you always need a Coca Cola soda at mile 80, do not count on the aid station to provide this; you should put it in your drop bag.

At our busiest aid stations we try and staff a medical volunteer to help with larger issues. See your race guide for more details.

Ultra Marathon Aid Station

All aid stations have composting toilets!

The 100 miler will pass through 20 fully stocked aid stations.
The 50 miler has 10 aid stations.
The 55K has 8 aid stations.
The Trail Half Marathon has 3 aid stations.

NOTE: There is NO PARKING at the Horseshoe Bend aid station. Crew members wanting to meet their runner at Horseshoe Bend can take a shuttle from the race staging area. Shuttles will pick up/drop off crew approximately every 15 minutes while the aid station is open. Failure to observe this may jeopardize the entire event.

Race Weekend Itinerary

This is a tentative schedule and subject to change


11 am – 7 pm - Race Expo

Bib-pickup for all distances will be located at the John C. Page park in Page, AZ.


5:00 am - Last minute bib pick-up opens

5:45 am - 50 mile Start

6:00 am - 100 mile Start

7:00 am - 55K Start

7:30 am - Half Marathon Start

12:30 pm - Half Marathon Time Limit

7:00 pm - 55K Time Limit

8:45 pm - 50 Mile Time Limit

*All distances start and finish at Page Shores Amphitheater staging area.


Noon - 100 Mile Finish

Pre/Post Race Meal

For the race meal, you'll have the choice of a Navajo Taco or wood fired pizza. You must present your bib stub to redeem your meal, which will be available at check-in on Friday or from 2-10pm on Saturday. Crew and spectators can purchase food at the finish line.  

Time Requirements

All who cross the finish line will receive a finisher award regardless of finish time. However, if you finish past the minimum pace time, you will be disqualified from the race and receive a DNF.

During the race, any runner may drop down to a short distance to receive the shorter distance’s finisher award. Doing so will disqualify the runner from the original distance and will be listed as a DNF at the original distance.

We publish a minimum pace time as a reference for the minimum pace you must maintain to finish before receiving a DNF. The Race Officials have the right to remove anyone from the race for any reason.

“Grim Reaper” check points are certain times cutoffs in the race that you must pass before the posted time or you will be required to drop out of the race. Non-Compliance with the Race Officials instructions will result in a DNF and may result in a ban from future events at our discretion. There are 4 Grim Reapers times for the 100 mile distance, and 2 Grim Reapers times for the 50 mile distance. 

Overall awards will be scored based on gun time.  Both gun time and chip times will be published.

Drop Bags

Personal Drop Bags will be allowed at the following 4 aid stations

  • Horseshoe
  • Water Holes
  • Page Rim
  • Powell

Please follow these guidelines: 

  • All bags must be labeled with name, bib # (in large print), aid station, and race distance. Optional, but a good idea if your label comes off, is a card inside with the same information and contact information. Please label your bags the day before the race on your own or at check in. Trying to label your bags on race morning is not a good idea. It is often dark and busy. 
  • All drop bags must be left in designated drop off location by 8PM the night before race day.
  • No valuables or fragile items in your drop bags. We are not responsible for any lost/stolen items.
  • Watch the weather forecast. If there is any chance of rain, place your items in zip lock bags inside of your drop bag.
  • Minimum size: Gallon size freezer zip lock. No grocery store plastic bags or garbage bags.
  • Maximum size: Shoe box for single pass and daytime aid stations. Small duffle or small carry on for multiple pass aid stations.

At aid stations where drop bags are allowed, there will be a designated area for drop bags that runners wish to have returned to the finish line for retrieval. Drop bags will be returned to the starting line throughout the day, but it is the responsibility of the runner to put their drop bag in the “return” area.

Note: Alcoholic drinks are prohibited at this race and are not allowed on the Navajo Reservation. Breaking this rule jeopardizes our permits and will result in immediate disqualification and may result in a ban from future events. Alcohol within Page City limits is allowed, but please refrain from posting your consumption online.

Pacers & Crew

Crew access is allowed at the Horseshoe Bend, Page Rim, and Lake Powell aid stations.

Crew access to Horseshoe Bend AS
Due to limited parking and high runner numbers, there is NO PARKING at Horseshoe Bend. Crew must be shuttled in to the Horseshoe Bend aid station from the start/finish area. Shuttles will pick up/drop off crew approximately every 15 minutes while the aid station is open. Please respect this rule. Parking at Horseshoe Bend for the race will jeopardize the entire event which allows participants to run in some of the most unique areas of this desert.

Crew access to Page Rim AS
Crew can park at the staging area (start/finish) and walk up a side trail up to the mesa where Page Rim aid station is located. We will put a few signs or markers up to direct crew up to the aid station from the parking lot of the staging area. If crew needs to park closer, they can park along Sage Avenue, Veronica Court, Cheryl Avenue, or Diane Court and walk over to the aid station. Directions to parking near Page Rim aid station.

Crew access to Lake Powell AS
Crew can park along 20th Avenue and walk over to the Lake Powell aid station. There is also a small gravel parking lot on the corner of 20th Avenue and Ridge Way. DO NOT PARK ALONG RIDGE WAY. Additional parking can be found at the Lake View Elementary School nearby. Directions to parking near Lake Powell Aid Station


Pacers must register with the race on Friday at the expo or Saturday morning before the race starts. Pacers must have their PACER bib visible at all times. Runners may have more than one pacer during the duration of the race, but only 1 pacer is allowed on course at a time. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification of the runner being paced.

Pacers for both the 50-mile distance & 100-mile distance can join their runner at the 2nd pass at the Horseshoe Bend Aid Station, Page Rim Trail or Lake Powell Aid Station. Pacers joining at Horseshoe Bend cannot drive to the aid station but will need to take the shuttle, as there is no parking at Horseshoe Bend. Pacers may drive to Page Rim and Lake Powell Aid Station.

Note: You are responsible for the actions of your crew and pacers. If their behavior is deemed inappropriate by race staff, you will be disqualified. Please let them know this and only choose crew members that will treat our volunteers and staff with respect while you are out on the course.

Due to the remote location of this race, we will not be able to provide live updates for your friends/family to follow you from home. We do have satellite phones and/or radios at the aid stations so that we can account for runners on the course and keep communication lines open among our staff members, but we do not have the ability to communicate runner whereabouts to your loved ones during the event.

If you would like to let friends and family know your status on the course, you can text them from the areas of the course with cell service (there are many points on the course where reception is good enough to get a text out, but it can be difficult to get a phone call out.)

If you're worried about your cell phone battery, you can turn it off after sending a text, leave it in airplane mode, or carry a small battery backup device. There are also apps available such as Endomondo which will automatically update your whereabouts when you come into a reception area. (These apps tend to drain your cell phone battery and the use of a battery backup device will be necessary if you plan on leaving it on for the duration of the event.) 

Race Rules & Guidelines

The main route will be marked with pink flags.  Any route variations unique to your distance will be marked with the color of your bib. Any tricky junctions will be marked well with signs and flour arrows. A piece of highly reflective tape is attached to each trail marker that may be encountered at night. 

It is the responsibility of the runner to check in at each aid station (coming in only, no need to check out of the aid station.) Seek out the aid station worker wearing the fluorescent orange vest and give them your bib number. Failure to check in at an aid station can result in disqualification. If you drop out of the race YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR BIB TO THE NEAREST AID STATION CAPTAIN. If you fail to do this, you will be responsible for all search party costs.

Finish Line

We hope that you will join us at the finish line for as long as you’d like to welcome home the other finishers. One of our goals is to create a welcoming environment for you to hang out with old and new friends. We will have the following amenities present at the finish line to keep you comfortable- seating, fire pits, Navajo tacos, pizza, heated tents, drink recovery tent, medical tent, and a camping area.

Awards & Swag

100 Miler finishers will be awarded a hand-crafted belt buckle. Each are made using organic materials gathered on the course and preserved in resin. Other distance finishers will be awarded their choice of either a locally-made award or a finisher medal. The locally-made awards include Navajo jewelry pieces, ceramic mugs, and various crafts handmade in the Copper Canyon of Mexico. Special awards will be given to the **top 3 overall male and female finishers for each distance as well. A Navajo family will also be selling some of their hand made jewelry at the start/finish line. 

**At our ultras we base the overall winning times off gun time, not chip time. Here's why: we offer a larger, more unique overall winner prize and if we waited to for all chip times to make sure we have the fastest we wouldn't be able to give out any of the awards and would have to ship them. These awards don't ship well, and we want to be able to give them out in person at the race - it's funner that way. If you are interested in competing for a top award you will need to line up at the front at the starting line so your chip time and the gun time are the same. 

Zero Waste Event


All Vacation Races events are zero waste, with the goal of sending no trash produced at the event to the landfill. We've created a system that recycles/reuses everything, but it requires your help to make it work. Please place trash in the appropriate containers. Littering on the course will result in disqualification.


We also use Great Outdoors Composting Portable Toilets which conserve water, eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, and create a nutrient rich soil amenity. It is the best pooping experience you will ever have. To learn more or to have them at your event visit GreatOutdoorsToilets.com or ask the race officials for more information.


We encourage all runners to carry their own form of hydration. Whether it be a cup, handheld, waist pack, or running pack- it’s up to each runner’s preference. We do not provide disposable cups at aid stations or anywhere at the event.

However, we will have reusable mugs at aid stations that are washed after use. There will be water and recovery drink at the finish line, but no cups. Please use your own methods to fill up at the finish line. We will have some limited compostable cups, but these are unnecessary if your bring your own cups.

Travel and Lodging

Getting Here

St. George Regional Airport (SGU)
This is the closest airport by far (approximately 2 hrs. 45 min.), but it’s a regional airport so tickets can be more expensive. Delta services St. George and the airport is new so if possible, definitely fly in to St. George.

McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Las Vegas is the next closest at about 4 hours away. It’s an interesting drive through the desert and then a beautiful drive through the Virgin River Gorge. Just follow the driving directions from Southern Nevada above. Car rentals tend to be inexpensive in Las Vegas, and most major airlines fly into Las Vegas so finding a good deal should be simple. If you have the time, a quick scenic detour would be to drive through Zion National Park on Hwy 9 to Hwy 89, then south to Kanab and east to Page (The Zion detour would add about an hour more of driving time).  

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)
Phoenix might make sense for many traveling to this area. It is about 4 1/2 hours from Phoenix to Page, but the south rim of the Grand Canyon is next to this route, making it easy to plan a side trip.  

Salt Lake International Airport (SLC) 
Salt Lake is another option that will work for some. It's nearly roughly 5 hrs and 45 min away, but depending on your pre or post-race activities, it may be a good option for you. This route passes within 15 minutes of the entrances into both Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks, making it convenient to detour and see these places. Salt Lake City serves most major airlines and is a Delta hub. Car rentals are cheap and the airport isn’t huge so it’s very easy to navigate.

Driving Directions
We’ve put together some general driving directions for getting to Page, AZ from various departure points throughout the west.

From Las Vegas, NV

I-15 N (131 miles) to
State Hwy 9 E, exit 16 toward Hurricane/Zion (10 miles) to
S 100 E turn Right (0.1 mile) to
UT-59 S/E 100 S turn Left (22 miles) to
AZ-389 E toward Fredonia/Kanab (33 miles) to
US-89 Alt N turn Left, toward Kanab (7 miles) to
US-89 S/E 300 S turn Right, toward Page (73 miles)
Page is past the lake when coming from this direction

From Phoenix, AZ

I-17 N toward Flagstaff (140 miles) to
I-40 E, exit 340A toward Albuquerque (5.5 miles) to
Country Club, exit 201 turn Left, toward US-89 N/Page (0.5 mile) to
US-89 N second Right (79 miles) to
US-89T (45 miles)

From Salt Lake City, UT

I-15 South (211 miles) to
Exit 95 towards Panguitch (20 miles) to
South on Highway 89 S towards Kanab (78 miles) to
US-89 S/E 300 S turn Left, toward Page (73 miles)

Lodging / Camping

Click here to view a list of hotels located in the small city of Page, AZEach of these hotels offers quick access for your crew to meet you while you’re running the Page Rim trail, which encircles the mesa that the city is built upon. 

Lake Powell Resort is a luxury resort located on Lake Powell, a ten minute drive from the starting line. They are offering a discount to those participating in the Antelope Canyon Ultras. The rate is $69 + tax and fees for the lake view, marina view or traditional guest rooms. Book early and get the lake view at www.lakepowell.com or by calling central reservation at 888-896-3829. Use the code ULTRA to get the discounted rate.

Additional Hotel Options
We've partnered with Booking.com to search for the best hotel options in the area. Check them out below!


Packing List

Whether this race will be your first ultra marathon, your first trail race, or your first time running in this area of the country- we recommend coming prepared. We've created a packing list to help you think through what you may need for your race, so you can minimize stress and feel prepared. 

Things to See and Do

We realize that the races in this series are out of the way for most runners, and it may be the only time that you visit these breathtaking areas. One of our biggest desires at Ultra Adventures is that you walk away from this event having fully experienced what the region has to offer. Even a 100 mile course can only capture a portion of these unique areas. We want you to get into and explore the heart of the national park, walk through that remote slot canyon, see that incredible overlook that is not part of the course. Most often, these spectacular areas are protected as part of a national park, monument, or wilderness area where races are not permitted as part of the management plan. These are often the areas most frequented by tourists, but  are nevertheless places that we feel you must see while you’re visiting. It is our hope that through a more in depth exploration of the area, you will become more connected to the local landscape, thus creating more stakeholders in its preservation.

Here is our list of favorite trails in the surrounding area:

Buckskin Gulch- (distance varies, minimum- 3.5 miles out and back from Wire Pass trailhead to petroglyphs and Buckskin confluence)- Take picture anywhere in Buckskin Gulch- can be accessed from Buckskin Gulch trailhead or Wire Pass trailhead. Click here for trail description.   If the conditions are right, you can make it all the way to the Paria Confluence.  If there is a lot of standing water, turn back. Attempting to run a through route this time of year is NOT RECOMMENDED.  Click on this story to read why. You will need to pay the$6/day hiking fee to the BLM for this leg (envelopes available at the trailhead).

Cable Trail to Colorado River- Take picture at the Colorado River. This one is easily accessible from Page, located just across the bridge on the opposite side of the canyon.  Click here for trail description.   Click here for a video clip

Cathedral Wash, Jackass Canyon, or Soap Creek to the Colorado River- Choose just one or all three of these canyons to access the Colorado River within the boundaries of Grand Canyon national park. If Hwy 89 is washed out and not operational, we recommend doing a different hike as the alternate route adds an extra 45 minutes driving time. Click here for trail descriptions

Paria River- Your feet will get wet on this one, but you really should check it out if you have the time. February is not the ideal time of year to go deep into the Paria due to the cold and ice, but it is amazing nonetheless. 

Wahweap Hoodoos/Toadstools- These hoodoos are pretty unique.  Big boulders balanced on tall, narrow bases.  

Navajo National Monument- While the guided hikes into the canyon to see the ruins up close are not offered in the winter months, you can still get an amazing view from the opposite side of the canyon via a trail from the visitor's center that's about a half mile. This would be a nice and easy post-race hike to do, and I highly recommend driving through Shonto if you're coming from Page.  

Lower Antelope Canyon- Must be accompanied by a Navajo guide.  Price is between $25-$30, depending on the company.

Kayaking Lower Antelope Canyon (kayaks can be rented in Page and fastened to almost any vehicle).

Kayaking the Colorado River above Lees FerryUnbelievable!! Your only chance to paddle the Grand Canyon is between Lee’s Ferry and Glen Canyon Dam, where it’s not officially part of the national park. Due to limited permits issued to rafting companies, the waiting list and price make rafting the Grand Canyon out of reach for most. Click on the link for info on kayak rental and a ferry/tow upriver service.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument (via boat or trail)- While this one is pricey ($125) due to the 3 hour scenic boat ride (each way) to access it, the arch (natural bridge) is unlike any other you’ll ever lay eyes on. Boat trips are limited to Saturdays in the off season unless we get 20 runners to sign up for a Friday trip. Contact Lake Powell Resorts if interested. 

Navajo Mountain to Rainbow Bridge- (35 miles round trip)- This hike requires a lot of planning and is truly epic, traversing sacred lands to the largest natural bridge in the world. I will be very jealous if you're able to get this adventure in during your trip as it has been high on my bucket list for many years. Make sure you get appropriate permits and have maps and supplies for the worst case scenario. It would be best to hire a Navajo guide for this one. 

The Wave (Coyote Buttes)- I wish it were possible to include this at the top of our list. Such an amazing hike and it's so close (shares the same trailhead as the Buckskin Gulch/Wire Pass hike). But the BLM only gives out ten permits a day and has up to 90 applicants, so there is a daily lottery, for which you must drive to Kanab and be present just to be in the lottery. Call the BLM office found in the above link for more info.

White Pocket- This is almost as cool as the Wave (from what I hear)- Only problem is that it's a long 4wd approach so it's very difficult to reach.


Photo Albums


Past Races


2016 Race Reports

2014 & 2015 Race Reports


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Yup...DO IT!!! Best race experience I've ever had.

Barb Wilkins
Antelope Canyon Ultras Runner

I did it and looooooved it!!!!

Debbie Simms
Antelope Canyon Ultras Runner

This land has my heart. I can't wait to return...

Christina Vincent
Antelope Canyon Ultras Runner

The 55km this year was the best race experience I've ever had. Every single thing went perfectly. And the views...my god the views.

Barb Wilkins
Antelope Canyon Ultras Runner

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