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Test your mental and physical strength with endurance runs through three breathtaking locations in the Grand Circle. As an ultras runner you'll experience the landscape in a way that few others are able as you move deep into the remote landscape.

You only have so many summers.
Spend them wisely.

Get rugged in The Grand Circle

We currently focus on one of the most stunning regions of the planet, the "Grand Circle" centered in Utah and Arizona.

Each of our races in The Grand Circle Trail Series is completely unique from the others due to the amazing geological diversity in the region. This area has the highest concentration of national parks in the country as well as tribal parks, national monuments, and wilderness areas that are every bit as amazing. 


This is where friendships are forged...

Pushing each other just one extra mile. Telling war stories at that 2 AM aid station. Sharing bandaids, blister tape, and burritos. Ultra marathons are where the best in us shines and our community grows.

And what better backdrop than our National Parks?

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