Grand Circle Trailfest: Day 2

Race Date: October 4th
Start Time: 7:30am
Distance: 13.6 miles
Aid Station: Mile 3.2, 10.4
Cutoff: 4 hrs (20min/mile)

2019 Update!
In the past we have used Gooseberry Mesa for our Day 2 course at Zion, but working with the BLM we have secured Wire Mesa as our course at Zion for 2019!

This is great news for a lot of reasons. There are many things to love about Gooseberry Mesa. But here are all the reasons why this switch to Wire Mesa is so great: 

Views: Wire Mesa is geographically closer to the main Zion Canyon. That means the towering canyon walls are much closer. The views are spectacular and intimate.

Terrain: The flow and weave of the Wire Mesa trail is so fun. It is easy to get into a rhythm and ramble through the trail like water through a river bed. 

Slick Rock: The defining characteristic of Gooseberry Mesa was the slick rock. Slick rock can be very fun to run on, but 13 straight miles of it will just chew your legs up. Wire Mesa has just the right amount of slick rock to make the trail a little more technical without grinding your legs into powder.

Shuttles: With Gooseberry Mesa runners would park at the parking lot and wait for shuttles to take them to the start. Then they would have to wait for a shuttle to take them from the finish down the mesa back to their car. With Wire Mesa we can start AND finish the trail run right by where we will park everyone. That means no wait time. That means more time to see Zion (if you so choose) or get back to camp and rest!

This is really a great addition to Trailfest and you are going to love it. We can't wait for you to experience the sunrise over Zion. 

Course Map

Course Elevation

Now you can use our maps offline with a GPS-enabled device!

We plan to mark the course with such rigor that you should not need your own map to help you find your way. However, we have experienced blown down signs and vandalism in the past. We recommend downloading the free Avenza app (available for iOS, and Android devices) before the event. There you can find our uploaded maps that work without cell coverage.

Here's how:
1. Download the free "Avenza Maps" app to your smart-phone or tablet while your device is online. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.
2. Tap the link below to download the map directly to your mobile device. 
3. The map is now ready to use “offline”. When you open the course map, your GPS location will appear on the map.

Course Overview

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