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Grand Circle Trailfest: Day 3
Horseshoe Bend

Staggered Start (New!)

We have had to make some logistics changes in order to hold this race on Navajo land. We will have staggered parking and start times to avoid crowds. Please review this information so you know what to expect!

Race Date: October 2nd
Staggered Start: 7:00 am -10:45 am (Utah Time)
Note: This race is in Arizona, but all times listed are based on Utah time (MDT)
Distance: 10.6 miles
Aid Station: Mile 6.2
Cutoff: 4 hrs* (20min/mile)

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The views on this course are sure to take your breath away. You’ll start near the rim of the Colorado River and run along the iconic Horseshoe Bend from a vantage point on Navajo Land few get to see. Then you will traverse the desert before dropping down into Waterholes Canyon, a slot canyon very few get the privilege of exploring. The section through the slot canyon includes two areas where runners will have to climb a ladder from a lower level to an upper (one is about 15 feet and the other is about 6 feet). 

After a little over a mile through the canyon runners will exit the canyon via a bit of a rock scramble to climb out. Both the ladders and the rock scramble aren’t anything too technical, but be ready for them and also be patient if there is a little bit of a bottleneck when you arrive at that section of the course. Once you climb out of the canyon you will run through the desert for a bit until you reach the finish line near a Navajo Hogan. Although the technical start of the Grand Canyon is a couple miles further down river at Lee’s Ferry, this section along the famous Horseshoe Bend is easily one of the most sought after views of the Colorado River.

A reminder that this entire course is on Navajo land. Remember that we are guests here and to be respectful of the area.

Staggered Parking & Start

We have had to extremely stagger the start in order to comply with Navajo Executive Health Order group size restrictions. We will start one shuttle bus at a time. We have organized runners into 10 groups (A-J), based on WHEN you registered. It was the most fair and simplest way we could think to do this. We realize this staggered start is inconvenient and could cause some problems for some of our runners. We appreciate your understanding and patience. This course is worth it. Trust us.

Your group will be identified on your bib. Based on your assigned group, please follow the schedule below to know when to be parked, when to load shuttles, and when to expect to start. 

Wave A will leave on the 5:30am shuttle from Trailfest HQ in Kanab.

Waves B-J will drive to Page High School and park there. Shuttles will bring them to the start line and return them after.

This will push some of our later runners into the heat of the day. Plan accordingly! Be sure to have sunscreen, hat or shade, bring a handkerchief or something to get wet to wrap around your neck or put under your hat to keep you cool. We have added an extra water station near mile 8 as you climb out of the slot canyon.


There are no spectators allowed for this race.

Due to Navajo restrictions, we will not be allowing any spectators at the Horseshoe Bend race. Family and friends of runners can meet them back at Trailfest HQ to celebrate! We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Horseshoe Staggered Chart
Horseshoe Bend 2021 Parking

Course Map

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Course Elevation

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Now you can use our maps offline with a GPS-enabled device!

We plan to mark the course with such rigor that you should not need your own map to help you find your way. However, we have experienced blown down signs and vandalism in the past. We recommend downloading the free Avenza app (available for iOS, and Android devices) before the event. There you can find our uploaded maps that work without cell coverage.

Here's how:
1. Download the free "Avenza Maps" app to your smart-phone or tablet while your device is online. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.
2. Tap the link below to download the map directly to your mobile device. 
3. The map is now ready to use “offline”. When you open the course map, your GPS location will appear on the map.

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