Grand Circle Trailfest: Day 3
Horseshoe Bend

In order to hold this race on Navajo land, we are must follow Navajo leadership guidelines concerning Covid-19 to help avoid crowds. If we choose to use a staggered start in 2022, we will inform all runners ahead of time. 

Race Date: October 1st
Start: 7:30 am
Note: This race is in Arizona, but all times listed are based on Utah time (MDT)
Distance: 10.6 miles
Aid Station: Mile 6.2
Cutoff: 4 hrs (20min/mile)

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The views on this course are sure to take your breath away. You’ll start near the rim of the Colorado River and run along the iconic Horseshoe Bend from a vantage point on Navajo Land few get to see. Then you will traverse the desert before dropping down into Waterholes Canyon, a slot canyon very few get the privilege of exploring. The section through the slot canyon includes two areas where runners will have to climb a ladder from a lower level to an upper (one is about 15 feet and the other is about 6 feet). 

After a little over a mile through the canyon runners will exit the canyon via a bit of a rock scramble to climb out. Both the ladders and the rock scramble aren’t anything too technical, but be ready for them and also be patient if there is a little bit of a bottleneck when you arrive at that section of the course. Once you climb out of the canyon you will run through the desert for a bit until you reach the finish line near a Navajo Hogan. Although the technical start of the Grand Canyon is a couple miles further down river at Lee’s Ferry, this section along the famous Horseshoe Bend is easily one of the most sought after views of the Colorado River.

A reminder that this entire course is on Navajo land. Remember that we are guests here and to be respectful of the area.

Course Map

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Course Elevation

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