Grand Circle Trailfest

DAY 3: Horseshoe Bend

Race Date: October 5th

Start Time: 7:30am (Utah Time)

Distance: 10.6 miles

Aid Station: Mile 4.5

Cutoff: 4 hrs (20min/mile)

Run along the outer rim of the iconic Horseshoe Bend! This course will give you a very intimate view of the Colorado River as it begins to carve its way through the Grand Canyon (though the official “start” of the Grand Canyon is another 2 miles down river). You’ll start at a Navajo Hogan traverse the desert before dropping down into Waterholes Canyon, a slot canyon very few get the privilege of exploring. The section through the slot canyon includes two areas where runners will have to climb a ladder down from an upper level to a lower (one is about 15 feet and the other is about 6 feet). After a little over a mile through the canyon runners will exit the canyon via a bit of a rock scramble to climb out. Both the ladders and the rock scramble aren’t anything too technical, but be ready for them and also be patient if there is a little bit of a bottleneck when you arrive at that section of the course. Once you climb out of the canyon you will run through the desert for a bit until you reach the rim of the canyon with the Colorado River below. Running along the rim of the iconic Horseshoe Bend gives you a taste of what is further down river. This section along the famous Horseshoe Bend is easily one of the most sought after views of the Colorado River. Then it is a short distance from the rim to the finish.

Please be patient with each other (especially in the slot canyon and climbing down ladders) and be careful. This course’s biggest challenge is the sand. Runners will run through miles of soft sand. Gaiters are recommended, but plan to stop and dump out your shoes on several occasions and remember to drop those hips to help glide across the sand.

A reminder that this entire course is on Navajo land. Remember that we are guests here and to be respectful of the area.

Course Map

Course Elevation

Course Overview

**Please note that the video is not 100% accurate. We will post the updated version soon. However, this will give you a good idea of the terrain and location. 

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