Grand Circle Trailfest

DAY 1: Bryce Canyon

Course Race Date: October 3rd

Start Time: 7:30am

Distance: 13 miles

Aid Station: Mile 7.5

Cutoff: 4.5 hours (20min/mile)

Our Bryce Canyon course starts at the Coyote Hollow Trailhead and jumps onto some single track pretty quickly. Despite the trail not being wide at this point, it is the easiest spot to pass runners by stepping off the trail through the trees. A few miles in and the single track starts to have slight drop offs which make it more difficult to pass. The crowd should thin out a bit during these first few miles. Being on the same plateau as Bryce Canyon National Park you will be treated with some spectacular views and run among the hoodoos and red rocks! Today's challenge: elevation and climbing.

Course Map

Course Elevation

Course Overview

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