We don't have "sales" or offer promo codes for our races, but there are still ways to save money. 

1. Register Early: Don't wait to register. If you think you want to run, sign up right away to lock in the very best pricing. Don't worry, you're protected by our ridiculously generous (and unique) refund/transfer/deferment policy. Once you've registered for the race, start locking down your travel details. The further in advance you set up your flights/hotels/etc. the more money you'll save.

2. Help Out: We always need people to help run expo booths, aide stations, help run social media accounts, etc. and we provide generous compensation in the form of free race entries, t-shirts, and more. Take a look at the following programs and select one that's right for you: 

3. Military Discount: Okay, this one isn't available for everyone, but we give members of the military and their families special treatment including discounted registration fees and some additional refund/transfer/deferment options. Learn more about our special military programs.