Vacation Races Ambassador Program

You're more passionate about our events than most people. We want to reward you for that.

Ambassadors are engaged in our series, helping to increase brand awareness, representing us and our brand online and at the events by answering questions about events, company policies, etc. 

You want to be an ambassador because you believe what we're doing is good, not because you want compensation.

ambassador |amˈbasədər| • a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

If you're looking to help onsite on race day, check into the Civilian Production Corps or Volunteer programs.


Ambassadors are a voice for Vacation Races, both online and offline. You're willing to spread the word about our events, help answer people's questions from your experience, help get them in touch with customer service if needed, and promote our brand and values.


The one critical requirement to become an Ambassador is that you must have attended at least one Vacation Races event before applying. Ideally several. 

Primary Responsibilities

Support: Help to answer other people’s questions/comments/complaints on social media. You’ve got direct access to Kaelee who will help you get answers quickly.

Distribute: When you see interesting/valuable content from Vacation Races, share it broadly on your social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). Advertising is expensive. The more people we can share our events with without having to pay for it, the more generous we can be with our customers. 

Contribute: Help to generate interesting/valuable content that other runners would appreciate

  • See interesting national park news? Post it to our Facebook page
  • See good tips for running at altitude? Post it to our Facebook page
  • If onsite at an event, help with Facebook Live streams
  • If onsite at an event, help run the Instagram stream (e.g., taking pictures on race day, hikes, good places to eat, etc.)
  • Twitter
  • Post-race reviews on your blog, review sites, etc.
  • etc.

How We'll Measure Success

We no longer measure Ambassador performance as a requirement for participating in the Ambassador program. However the more successful you are about referring people to Vacation Races events, the more we'll be able to reward you.

Suggestions for Success

  • Participate in conversations about Vacation Races or running in general. (Some great places to do this would be on the VR Facebook page, VR's Instagram posts, Facebook groups about running, Facebook events, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Wherever you see people talking about running or Vacation Races, join the conversation!
  • Write up race reports and post them to your blog and social media accounts.
  • Share your own stories, pictures, videos, etc. abundantly.
  • Show off your sexy VR merch.
  • Go live on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube on race day.
  • Host a local Q&A session (maybe at a running store?) about Vacation Races events. (We'll pay for pizza.)
  • Join a local running club and make friends.


High performing Ambassadors can earn free race entries, swag (e.g, t-shirts, hats, jackets, etc.), invitations to our end-of-year Ambassador party, coupon codes for social media giveaways, and more.

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