Refund & Transfer Policy

We know stuff happens and sometimes you can't make a race you signed up for. Here are some options: 

Registration schedules are available on each individual race's web page.

Note: Because timelines are further out and the trips are more costly, Global Adventures events have a different refund policy. 

Notes About Refunds

  • Refunds are not given for anything already shipped (e.g., shirts, bibs, HydraPouches, etc.) 
  • If you opted to have your bib package mailed to you, once your package is shipped you are officially checked into the race and no longer qualify for a registration transfer, deferment option, or refund
  • Refunds are not available due to inclement weather

Notes about Deferments/Race Transfers

  • Once you defer your registration you will receive an email with a deferment code which can be used to register for the next year's race (once registration opens) or to register for any other open race. Deferment codes are good for one year. 
  • Once your registration is deferred or transferred to another race you no longer qualify for a refund.

Notes About Bib Transfers

  • Bib transfers must be made from within RunSignUp. If you purchase a bib outside of the RunSignUp platform you won't be able to pick up your bib because your identification won't match the name on the bib. 
  • Online bib transfers can take place until the day before the expo. After this period the bib transfer will need to be done in person at the expo (only the new runner needs to be present). 
  • Bib transfers only cover the race registration fee - add-ons do not transfer to the new registrant. The new registrant can choose to purchase add-ons when they register.
  • The original registrant is responsible for paying the processing fee. The new runner will pay the current registration price regardless of what the original runner paid.
  • Refunds are not given for anything already shipped (e.g., shirts, bibs, HydraPouches, etc.).
  • If "transfer for refund" is selected and the new registrant fails to complete their registration, no refund is issued and the original registrant is responsible for using their bib on race day.

Questions or Comments?

  • Astrid Hernandez says:

    Hello all is anyone last minute can’t make the Antelope Cayon Half Marathon? I thought I had successfully signed up but it’s been sitting in my cart and now is sold out. We can do a transfer bib! If any wants to transfer bib please reach out to me @

  • Terry says:

    Do you have a waitlist for events that are sold out? Hoping to get into the 50Km Event for Zion 2020?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Terry – We don’t have a waitlist. Your best bet to get into the race is to register for a charity bib or buy a bib from a runner. You can check out the Zion Ultra event page on our Ultra Adventures Facebook page to see if anyone is selling their bib. You can also post that you are looking for a bib.
      Find more information about our charity bib program here:

  • Phyllis Venable says:

    If I sent you the postage could you please send me my race bib and medal. I had to have an epidural put in my lower back because of some herniated disks. I can’t make the race. Sorry and thank you.

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Phyllis – I’m sorry to hear you won’t be able to run with us. Would you be interested in deferring to next year’s race?
      We can send your bib and race shirt if not.

  • sierra says:

    Hi! I am trying to switch races due to an injury I received during an ultra race I ran two weekends ago, I am still attending the race to support my friends, are all transfers 20$ or are some cheaper than others?? Thank you!

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Sierra – All race transfers are $20. Each race will be a different price depending on which registration period it is in: early bird, regular, or late.

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