Military Pricing & Refund Policies

We sincerely appreciate the sacrifices and service the men and women in uniform make for our country and want to show our appreciation. We offer special pricing and refund policies for current and former members of the military and their families.

​​​Discounted Military Pricing

We would like to say thank you to our men and women in uniform by offering members of the U.S. Military a special price when you register for any of our events. The discount will be available as long as registration is open.



50 Mile or  100K

50K or  55K

Half Marathon



(2 Halfs)

Double (Half + 5K)


Trailfest (1-day)

Trailfest (2-days)

Trailfest (3-days)























This discount doesn't change as the price goes up. We strongly recommend registering during early bird registration to get the best value.

Who qualifies?


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    Active duty, their spouse, and children under 21
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    Military retirees and their spouse
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  • Spouses or children of veterans
  • Employees of the State Department are not eligible for the discount
  • Everyone else

Note: In order to preserve the integrity of this discount, you (or whoever picks up your bib) must show a military ID or a copy of your DD214 in order to pick up your bib. Anyone using the military discount without a military ID or DD214 will not be able to pick up their bib, will forfeit all fees, and will be banned for life from our races.

How to obtain your discount

For instructions on activating your discount, see this instruction page.

Refunds Due to Orders

If any active duty service-member registers for a race and subsequently receives orders that prevent them from attending the race, we will refund your registration fees 100% including race extras and processing fees and will give you a free entry into any one of our races once you return from service.

Registrations that use the military discount cannot be transferred or sold, but are subject to our normal refund and deferment policy for reasons other than deployment.

Thank you for serving!

  • Sarah Phillips says:

    If a spouse has to move due to military orders, would they be eligible for a refund as well?

  • Rose says:

    Can I email or fax you a copy of my DD214 so I don’t have to take it with me to the race. I live on the east coast and I am flying to Montana.

  • Aaron D says:

    The military has started issuing the Veterans Identification Card that I’m told can be used in lieu of traveling with a DD214. Is that the case for the race?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Aaron – Yes, you can use your Veterans ID card instead of your DD214. Also, you can take a picture of your DD214 instead of traveling with the actual papers.

  • Tavis says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for offering this discount to our military members

  • Michelle+Stephens says:

    Would my “Veteran” identifier on my be WI Real ID Driver license suffice?

  • DLinLV says:

    My Nevada drivers license has my Veteran designation on it after showing them my DD-214 to qualify. Is this sufficient at packet pickup or will you still require a copy of my DD-214?

  • Natalie says:

    If I can’t find my DD214, would my old active duty ID card be sufficient to get my bib?

  • Shannon says:

    I just wanted to clarify that I do not have to be retired to use the military discount, just have my DD214 from my time served

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Shannon – Correct. You can use a copy of your DD214 to qualify for the military discount and pick up your bib.

  • Sam says:

    Are reservists and their spouse eligible as well?

  • robert says:

    You guys are amazing. Thank you from a Member still serving at 16 years

  • Bev says:

    Is the military discount applicable to Allied Forces as well? Does the military discount apply to Canadian Military?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Bev – The military discount applies to US Armed Forces – you will qualify for the discount as long as you have a US Government issued military ID card.

  • Calvin says:

    As a Veteran I was honored to utilize this discount for the Lake Powell half marathon. Thank you for honoring our Veterans, active duty and reserve members.

  • Laura says:

    My spouse is active duty and we really want to sign up for the Grand Teton half marathon on June 1. Our dilemma is that he will be changing commands in May and we can’t put in a leave request for him until then. I know your races tend to sell out so we want to reserve bibs but aren’t sure of your military refund policy would cover him if he is not granted leave

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Laura – We offer a full refund to our military runners at any point before the race if they can’t make it due to orders.

  • Joe Knowles says:

    I’m the father of a veteran, am I eligible for the military discount ? If so how does it work? I want to run the Mt. Rushmore half marathon in September.


    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Joe – You would only be eligible for the military discount if you have a military ID, so it sounds like you most likely don’t qualify. If you do, you will see a question on page three of registration asking if you qualify. The discount will be given at checkout, and you will need to bring your ID when picking up your bib.

  • Derek says:

    My girlfriend is a veteran but her military id is expired, would it still be accepted for the discount?

  • Ty says:

    Thanks for supporting the military. I just got done running the Bryce Canyon 60K…I love the icon on the bib. You guys rock!

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Ty – We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the event – we did too! And thank you for your service.

  • Krystal says:

    My husband is retired from the Air National Guard (30 years). I have a current spouse ID. I want to make sure this qualifies before I take the discount.

  • Rick Shapiro says:

    I have a California Drivers license with a veteran designation on it. I had to use my DD214 to prove my veteran status to have the designation added to my license. Will this serve as proof of service?

  • Susan says:

    Can my husband use his military discount on a global excursion?

    • Cherie Santiago says:

      Hello Susan, We don’t offer the military discount for the Global Adventures but we do honor all of the Military Policies for deferment and deployment .

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