How To: Withdraw for a Refund

Refund policy details

To withdraw from a race and request a refund, do the following:

  1. Sign in to your profile at
  2. Scroll to Runner Links and click on My Registered Races
  3. Click View/Edit Registration next to the race you want to withdraw from
  4. Click the Request Refund link
  5. Review the registration details and click on Issue Refund

Questions or Comments?

  • Janaya says:

    I cannot run the Lake Powell Half Marathon and am trying to request a refund. It states “This race currently has refunds enabled, but does not have enough money to issue a refund at this time.” What do I do from here???

  • Anna says:

    If I withdraw and request a refund, could I sign up for the same race again later? I can get reimbursed through work for a registration done in 2020, but not my current 2019 dated registration.


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