How to: Update My Registration

To modify your add-ons (e.g., bib shipment options, campsites, etc.):
Note: This can be done up to 1-month before race-day

1. Log in to your profile at
2. Click on Manage Registration
3. Click on Add-ons
4. Make changes
5. Click Continue

To update your address:

1. Log in to your profile at
2. Click on Edit
3. Make changes
4. Click Save
5. Click Manage Registration to update in current race

Questions or Comments?

  • Melissa Griffis says:

    My husband and I planned to attend this race for two years… the first year was sold out before we could this year I signed up in June:) unfortunately we are in the process of selling a home and remodeling and it would be very hard to take a vacation. Is it possible to change our registration to next year?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Melissa – You can defer your registrations by following these instructions:
      1. Sign in to RunSignUp
      2. Go to your Profile
      3. Click Manage Registration next to the registration that you would like to defer
      4. Click the Defer menu item

      After the race, you will receive an email with a deferment coupon that you can use to register for next year’s race or any of our other races.

  • Rayan says:

    Hey I forgot to request free HydraPouch when I registered Can I still get it?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Rayan – You can add a hydrapouch to your registration by following these instructions:
      1. Log in to RunSignUp
      2. Click on profile
      3. Click on Manage Registration
      4. Click on Add Ons
      5. Make changes
      6. Click Continue

      • Colleen says:

        Hi Kaelee. I’m trying to change my registration in order to have my packet (and my husband’s) shipped to us, and the above instructions don’t work. Can you help?

        • Kaelee Clifford says:

          Hi Colleen – The add ons have been closed for the Zion race but I manually changed both of your bibs to be shipped and emailed an invoice for the fee.

  • Christine Whitaker says:

    Hi, I registered my daughter, Keira, and I. She received the 7:30 am start and I received the 6. Can we both please start at 7:30? Thank you for your assistance.

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Christine – It looks like Keira was in the red wave starting at 7:30am heat but you were in the hunter wave starting at 6:30am. I have moved you to the red heat starting at 7:30am as well.

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