Event Transfer Within a Race

Want to switch to a different distance at the same race (e.g., Half Marathon to 5K or 50 Miler to 50K)? It's easy and you can quickly do it yourself in just two minutes. This can be done online up to 7-days before race day (after that you'll need to do it at the expo). 

Written Instructions

Step 1. Sign into your profile at RunSignUp.com/Profile

Step 2: Go to "Upcoming Events" and click the link that says, "Manage Registration"

Manage Registration

Step 3: Now at the top of the screen click on "Transfer Event".

Step 4: On the Transfer Event page, you will be shown your Transfer Information. Please confirm the information is correct and accurate. You can confirm Transfer by clicking on the "Start Transfer" button.

Step 5: Next, select the event you want to transfer to.

Phil is transferring from the 5K Walk/Run event to the 10K Walk/Run event. The 5k Walk/Run event isn't selectable since Phil is already registered for it.

You're done! Once payment (if needed) is confirmed, you'll receive a confirmation email for the new event.

Video Walkthrough

Important Notes

  1. You're only credited the amount paid for your current event. Using the example above, if Phil paid $50 for the 5K event and transfers to the Half Marathon which costs $99, Phil will be required to pay the difference of $49.
  2. If you're transferring to a cheaper event, you will not pay any additional standard fees for the Event Transfer. Additionally, the difference in pricing will not automatically be refunded. 

Questions or Comments?

  • Tonya shepard says:

    Hello looking to change two bibs for 100K to 50K – doing the antelope canyon 50 miler and thinking the 100K Zion might be too ambitious a month later – is it possible to switch to 50K

  • Candice says:

    Hi, myself and two friends signed up and paid for the smoky mountain half but would like to change to the 5k. Since the 5k is cheaper do we get the price difference reimbursed?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Candice – You won’t get a refund because the refund deadline has passed but I can issue you a code for the difference. Email me at info@vacationraces.com if you would like a coupon for the difference.

  • Ana says:


    I am registered for the 55K is possible to do a change to the half marathon ?

    Thanks & regards

  • Fhye Fronda says:

    I register last November for the Yosemite half marathon on may 11, 2019. For some reason i din’t get any confirmation email, went to a holiday vacation and now i’m
    Looking my bib to find out i am not register. I have friends to run with and i wanna run the half Marathon this year. Is there anyway to get the half marathon bib. I havea another option to get a charity bib, but i won’t be able to do it. Please help.

    Thank you

  • Kaelee Clifford says:

    Hi Anita – You can change your race online until a week before the race. After that, you can change it at the expo.

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