Transfer My Bib to Another Runner

Want to give or sell your registration to another runner? There are two types of runner transfers:

Gift Transfer

In a "gift transfer", the registration is transferred to the recipient. The original registrant does not receive a refund of their registration fee. The original registrant is charged the $10 transfer fee.

Transfer for Refund

In a "transfer for refund" the original registrant initiates a transfer to a new runner. After the new runner successfully registers the original registrant will receive a refund of their registration fee (minus a $10 transfer fee).


To initiate a bib transfer:

  1. Sign into your profile at
  2. Navigate to Upcoming Events » Manage Registration » Transfer to Another Runner (located on the top of the page)
  3. After reviewing your registration information, enter the new runner's information. The recipient will receive an email notification with a unique link which they can use to claim this transfer.
  4. Select which type of transfer you wish to use.

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Questions or Comments?

  • Shelly Hansen says:

    Hi, I had a friend transfer her registration to me. I don’t remember if I paid the $20 fee or if I am registered. is there a way that I can find out??? THis is Shelly Hansen my email is my phone number is [redacted].
    I appreciate your help. I don’t know any detail such as where is packet picket up? when? Where the race starts???
    Thank you

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Shelly – Can you let me know the name of the race and the name of the original runner? My initial search doesn’t show a registration for you in our system.

  • Sue Ann Done says:

    Anyone giving up their bib? Contact Sue Ann Done at [redacted]. Thank you

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Sue Ann – You’ll want to put your phone number in the comments here so spammers don’t pick it up.

    • Jenna says:

      Yes! Unfortunately I am giving mine up – are you interested in it?

    • Brynn says:

      are you looking for bib for glacier? I am looking at giving mine up.

    • Jess says:

      I’ve got a 3 day bib for trailfest!

  • Abhi says:

    How would I do the in-person transfer (because I think it’s too late for online now). This is related to the Yosemite race for this weekend.

    I won’t be there in-person, but the recipient will. Thanks in advance for the details!

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Abhi – The new runner will need your confirmation email and will then be able to complete the bib transfer.

  • Ashley Carlson says:

    Hi All,

    Looking for 2 bibs for Grand Circle Trailfest in October! We missed the signup before it Sold Out! Anyone wanting to transfer their Bibs please let me know!!
    Thanks so much!

    • Ashley Carlson says:

      **Update** Now looking for only 1bib for trailfest, all three days! Thanks so much!

      • Jim Sleightholm says:

        I may have one Ashley – Will know in a few days

      • Hannah Sadler says:

        I have a bib for trailfest I’m trying to transfer if you still need! It’s for all three days:)

      • Jessica says:

        Did you get one yet?

  • Jamie says:

    Zion 2019 is full. How can I make my information available for runners that may want to transfer their bibs?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Jamie – The best place to look for a bib and post that you are needing a bib is on our Facebook page, Zion Half Marathon. You are welcome to guest post on the main page and on the event page.

  • Jennifer Spitler says:

    Desperately looking for a bib to the Zion Half Feb. 2019 as I missed the sign up before it also sold out. A friend traveling with me is already in :( If you’re unable to make it this year, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

    • Laura says:

      I have a 2-day bib … Zion & Bryce. Very willing to sell!

  • Brianne says:

    Just missed registration before selling out, anyone transferring Zion half 2019? Just 1 bib

    • Laura says:

      I have a 2-day bib for sale. Zion & Bryce. Very willing to sell!!

  • Tracy Jones-Schoenfeld says:

    If I am registered for the Great Smoky Mountain half, can I transfer my bib to someone who wants to register for the half and 5k?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Tracy – You can transfer your bib to another runner by following these instructions:
      1. Sign In to RunSignUp
      2. Go to your Profile
      3. Click Manage Registration next to the registration that you would like to transfer to another person
      4. Click the Transfer To Another Runner menu item
      5. Fill out all required fields
      6. Select either Transfer as a Gift or Transfer for Refund

  • Lila Abbate says:

    I have one (1) bib for sale to transfer the second two days of the Grand Circle Trailfest this October 5, 6, 2018.

  • Thor Helgason says:

    Have one bib (all three races) for transfer.

    • Diane says:

      I am interested in a bib for the Zion half. Do you still have one available?

    • J Scott Patrick says:

      do you have a bib for Joshua Tree ? I need one :( signed up for the charity commitment – however was unable to raise the required amount

      • Kaelee Clifford says:

        Hi Scott – Your best bet is to find someone who is trying to sell their bib on our Facebook event page – Vacation Races – Joshua Tree Half Marathon event page.

    • Abigail says:

      Hey do you have a bib for 2018 nov 3

    • Kelsey says:

      Hi Thor! I am looking for a half bib for Joshua tree. Do you have one available?

  • Diane says:

    I am interested in a bib for the Zion Half in February 2019. If anyone has one available, please let me know. Thank you!

  • Eric says:

    Hello I am interested in a bib for the 2018 Joshua Tree nigh half marathon. Please reply if you have on available. Thank you!

  • Ravi says:

    I am interested in a bib for the Zion Half in February 2019. If anyone has one available, please let me know. Thank you!

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