How To: Transfer to Another Race

Refund policy details

  1. Sign into your profile at
  2. Select "My Registered Races" > Select your event > Select "Manage Registration" > Select โ€œTransfer to Another Race".
  3. A list of eligible races to transfer to will show up and you can select which race to defer to.

Questions or Comments?

  • Sriram S says:

    Hi, I registered for Zion 100K race this year but won’t be able to make it. Is it possible to transfer the race for a half-marathon and credit for the remaining?

  • Jonathon Hernandez says:

    A recent knee injury is going to prevent me from running the Zion 50k April 18th, 2020. Is there anyone who is interested in purchasing my entry?

  • Dennis Dahl says:

    I signed up for the 55k but want to run the half. Can I do that?

  • Kj says:

    Hi, I registered for the Yellowstone Bison double in June. If I want to transfer to the Yosemite race in May, what is the last possible date I can do that?

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