How to: Find My Registration Information

1. Log in to your profile at
2. Click on My Registered Races
3. Click View Registration

Questions or Comments?

  • Juan Huertero says:

    I deferred race from 2017 to 2018, how do I find out if my registration is valid?

  • Julie Bosworth says:

    Can not find grizzly double registeration??

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Julie – It looks like you transferred to the Caldera Triple. I have resent your confirmation email.

  • Carly Putnam/Height says:

    I registered for the Antelope Canyon Ultra back in May. I can not find am email that verifies my registration. The money came out of my bank for the race. I can not find that verification that I am registered for the race on the RunSignup page.

  • Neyra Rosa says:

    Registered for Volunteering at the Yosemite Half. Can I use the discount towards my Grand Teton registration after I have fulfilled my duties?

  • Theresa Sweek says:

    I registered for Yosemite and CC was charged. No email confirmation. How do I get that?

    • Kaelee Clifford says:

      Hi Theresa – I have resent your confirmation email – be sure to double check your junk/spam folders, sometimes our emails go to those folders.

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