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Race Day

June 9, 2018 at 7:00 am


We will have plenty of parking to accommodate all of our runners. All the hotels are a short walk from the start line if you are staying in town and feel like walking. Parking will be across from Iris St. on Old Airport Rd just outside West Yellowstone by the start line. We will have a raffle in the morning and plenty of hot chocolate/coffee. No camping in the parking lot.

Because the course is mostly off the main road, it isn’t a very spectator friendly course. Spectators are welcome at the starting line, and the finish line.

There are no vehicles allowed on the course. The only vehicle allowed on the course will be for a medical emergency. Deciding you don’t want to run anymore is not an emergency.


5:00 am – Open starting line parking. Runners can pick up bibs.
5:30 am – First prize raffle (every 5 minutes)
5:38 am –  Sunrise
6:15 am – All cars should be parked & last call for bib pickup
6:30 am – Last prize raffle. Parking lot closes. Pacers line up.
6:45 am – Runners line up at the start line. Last call for gear check.
6:55 am – National Anthem.
7:00 am – Race Starts! All divisions.
9:45 am – Awards ceremony.
11:00 am – Race finish cutoff.