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Race Day

Race Day is September 15th, 2018 with the race starting promptly at 7:00 am.

Parking & Shuttles

The race will have 2 parking areas for runners and one area for spectators:

  1. Start Line: Hawksbill Recreation Park- 205 Pool Dr, Stanley, VA (marked below in green).
  2. Finish Line: Lake Arrowhead Recreation Park- 725 Lake Arrowhead Rd, Luray, VA (marked below in blue) **This location is for both runners and spectators.

The parking lots will open at 5:00 am on race morning. We strongly encourage runners to arrive early. The finish line parking area will close at 5:30 am. At 5:30 shuttles will begin taking runners from the finish line to the start line before the race. All remaining cars not parked by 5:30 am should head to the start line parking. The start line parking lot will close at 6:30 am.

DROP-OFFS: Runners can be dropped off at the finish line area and catch the shuttle to the start line. Please do not drop runners off at the start line.​

POST-RACE SHUTTLES: After the race, shuttles will begin taking runners who parked at the start line back to their vehicles. These shuttles will be leaving continuously as they fill up.

SPECTATORS: Spectators are encouraged to cheer on the runners at the finish line. To alleviate congestion at the start, we ask the no spectators be at the start line, nor get on a shuttle. Spectators are welcome to park at the finish line which is at Lake Arrowhead Recreation Park- 725 Lake Arrowhead Rd, Luray, VA (marked on the map in blue). Absolutely no spectator parking at the start line.


5:00 am – Finish Line and Start Line Parking Opens
5:15 am – Raffles Begin at Start Line (one every five minutes)
5:30 am – First Shuttles Leave to Start Line/ Finish Line Parking Close. (Everyone not yet in the Finish Line Parking should proceed to the Start Line Parking.)
6:00 am – Last Shuttle Leaves to Start Line
6:30 am – Start Line Parking Closes
6:45 am – Runners Line Up/Last Call For Gear Check.
7:00 am – RACE STARTS
9:45 am – Awards Ceremony

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