Half Marathon

October 21, 2017   |   Page, AZ


We will have plenty of parking to accommodate all of our runners. There will
be parking at the START LINE and the FINISH LINE. If you park at the start
line there will be shuttles after the race taking you back to your car. If you
park at the finish line before the race, there will be shuttles taking runners
to the start line. Please read parking and shuttle details on your two options

Start Line Parking: In the morning, runners can park in the parking lot
(outlined in pink) at the Page Shores Amphitheater and walk to the start
line. These parking lots will open at 4:45 am, and we recommend you arrive
by 5:30 am. The start line parking will close at 6:00 am. After the race,
shuttles will take runners back to your car near the start line from the finish
line. Shuttle trips take some time and you may be waiting for a shuttle for a
while! If you don’t want to wait, then you should park at the finish and take
a shuttle in the morning.

Finish Line Parking: If you choose to park at the finish line, you must get
there early in order to have time to ride the shuttle to the start line. We
recommend being there at 4:00 am. The shuttles will leave at 4:45 am. If
you miss the shuttle there will not be another one. If you are staying at the
Lake Powell Resort you should plan on driving (or walking) to the finish line
shuttle pickup (which is only 1 mile away from the resort).

Drop Off: Runners can be dropped off near the start line at the parking lot of Page Shores Amphitheater. Please be there before 6:00 am when the parking lot closes.


5:00 AM – first prize raffle (every 5 minutes).

5:30 AM – last call for race day bib pickup.

6:15 AM – runners line up/ last call for gear check.

6:20 AM – National Anthem.

6:30 AM – race starts!

9:15 AM – awards ceremony.

Registration is Open!