Lake Powell Half Marathon

Page, AZ | Oct. 10, 2020 | 6:30 am

Run to the lake with one of our most scenic courses, finishing right at Lake Powell in the gorgeous Glen Canyon Recreation Area!

Registration is Open!

Registration Periods*

Early $99 (Jan. 10 – Apr. 26)
Regular $119 (Apr. 27 – Aug. 9)
Late $139 (Aug. 10 – Race Expo)

*There are a limited number of entries and this event may sell out. If the event is sold out, registration will close regardless of registration period.

Course Information

Start: 6:30 am
End: 10:30 am

The Lake Powell Course features some really spectacular views of the lake. Starting at the ​John C. Page Park in Page, AZ and ending at Stateline ​Boat Ramp, this is one of the fastest courses in our race series. It is also the first race to feature a trail as part of the course. ​

The first 3 miles are on pavement which circles a portion of the town before getting onto the Page Rim Trail. This short trail section allows for stunning views of rock formations and glimpses of Lake Powell! There are areas on the trail portion with loose sand and some ups and downs on slick rock. Please be cautious. Runners will return to pavement before heading downhill toward the bridge that crosses over Glen Canyon Dam. The course then heads north into the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to finish at the Stateline Boat Ramp within the park's boundaries. 

*Note: Due to the rough slick rock portions of this course, strollers are not allowed.

2020 Course Map

Time Limit
All runners will have 4 hours to finish the race. That is an 18 minute mile - plenty of time for walkers! If at anytime we deem it unsafe and need to pull a runner off the course we would hope for understanding and immediate cooperation. Failure to comply will result in being banned from future events.

Course Records
Our course record holders receive a FREE RACE ENTRY every year that their time remains the course record!

Male Overall: Teo-Sean White  1:12:12 (2019)
Female Overall: Allison Baca  1:25:02 (2019)
Male Masters: 
James Holt  1:18:37 (2016)
Female Masters: 
Valerie Ingersoll  1:36:28 (2018)

Aid Stations

Expect about 6 aid stations on the course beginning around mile 3. Aid stations include toilets, water, Gnarly Hydrate, Honey Stinger gels, basic first aid supplies, and sometimes more. 

All stations are cup-free so plan to bring your own hydration solution or request a free HydraPouch when you register. 

Additional Details

Bib & Packet Pickup

When you register, we'll ask you to indicate when you plan to pick up your bib. If you plans change, don’t worry about it. We only ask to help us plan in terms of numbers.

Registration includes, a bib, race guide, race shirt, a hydrapouch (if chosen), a finishers medal and a finisher's food box.

Your choices to pick up your packet are:

Option #1: Race Expo (recommended)

We recommend picking your bib up and attending the expo on October 9, 2020. It will be an outdoor expo held at John C. Page Park in Page, AZ! We’ll open up the expo at 1 pm. Our vendors will leave at 6 pm, but you can pick up your bib until 7 pm.

You’re welcome to pick up a packet for a friend as long as you have a picture of their photo ID. Even a picture on a phone will do.

**Be sure to double check time zones! Page is right on the border of Utah and Arizona. Since Arizona does not participate in Daylight Savings Time, it is in hour behind Utah. Clocks on your phones tend to jump around from timezone to timezone in Page, so be sure to have a watch, or set the timezone manually.

Option #2: Race Morning (not recommended)

You can pick up your bib on the morning of the race, but you’ll need to be there before 5:45am, which is when we will close pickup. Race day bib pickup will be by the starting line. Please come early! You must have a photo ID with you to pick up your bib, even on race morning.

Option #3: Shipped To You (US residents only)

There is a cost of $20 if you want to have your bib and shirt mailed to you. We do this as a convenience for runners not wanting to drive out to Lake Powell early. This option is only available before the final price jump!

NOTE: Once your package is shipped, you are officially checked in to the race and no longer qualify for our refund, deferment, or transfer options.

Other Details

Bring Your Own Bag
In our ongoing effort to eliminate waste we encourage you to bring your own bag to hold your bib, race shirt, and any goodies you pick up at the race expo.

Race Shirts
If you're unhappy with the fit of your race shirt or couldn't order the size you wanted we'll host a shirt exchange at the finish line on race day. Note that sizes and quantities will be limited.

Travel Information

We want to help you make the most out of your vacation. Here are some helpful links and general information. We’ll be updating the links and information below over the next several months. Some good sites to check out are the Horseshoe Bend website and the Antelope Canyon website.

Where to Fly

There is a small airport in Page (PGA) that has direct flights from Phoenix. You can also fly into Flagstaff (FLG) which is about 2 hours south. 

St. George Regional Airport (SGU)
This is the closest airport by far (approximately 2 hrs. 45 min.), but it’s a regional airport so tickets can be more expensive. Delta services St. George and the airport is new so if possible, definitely fly in to St. George.

McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Las Vegas is the next closest at about 4 hours away. It’s an interesting drive through the desert and then a beautiful drive through the Virgin River Gorge. Just follow the driving directions from Southern Nevada above. Car rentals tend to be inexpensive in Las Vegas, and most major airlines fly into Las Vegas so finding a good deal should be simple. If you have the time, a quick scenic detour would be to drive through Zion National Park on Hwy 9 to Hwy 89, then south to Kanab and east to Page (The Zion detour would add about an hour more of driving time).  

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)
Phoenix might make sense for many traveling to this area. It is about 4 1/2 hours from Phoenix to Page, but the south rim of the Grand Canyon is next to this route, making it easy to plan a side trip.  

Salt Lake International Airport (SLC) 
Salt Lake is another option that will work for some. It's nearly roughly 5 hrs and 45 min away, but depending on your pre or post-race activities, it may be a good option for you. This route passes within 15 minutes of the entrances into both Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks, making it convenient to detour and see these places. Salt Lake City serves most major airlines and is a Delta hub. Car rentals are cheap and the airport isn’t huge so it’s very easy to navigate.

Driving Directions

We’ve put together some general driving directions for getting to Page, AZ from various departure points throughout the west.

From Las Vegas, NV

I-15 N (131 miles) to
State Hwy 9 E, exit 16 toward Hurricane/Zion (10 miles) to
S 100 E turn Right (0.1 mile) to
UT-59 S/E 100 S turn Left (22 miles) to
AZ-389 E toward Fredonia/Kanab (33 miles) to
US-89 Alt N turn Left, toward Kanab (7 miles) to
US-89 S/E 300 S turn Right, toward Page (73 miles)
Page is past the lake when coming from this direction

From Phoenix, AZ

I-17 N toward Flagstaff (140 miles) to
I-40 E, exit 340A toward Albuquerque (5.5 miles) to
Country Club, exit 201 turn Left, toward US-89 N/Page (0.5 mile) to
US-89 N second Right (79 miles) to
US-89T (45 miles)

From Salt Lake City, UT

I-15 South (211 miles) to
Exit 95 towards Panguitch (20 miles) to
South on Highway 89 S towards Kanab (78 miles) to
US-89 S/E 300 S turn Left, toward Page (73 miles) to
N Lake Powell Blvd. turn Left (1.5 miles)

Hotels & Camping

Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas

We’re happy to have Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas hosting us again! They have extremely comfortable rooms right by the lake and excellent on-site dining options. As an extra bonus they’re within walking distance of the Lake Powell Half Marathon finish line! Rooms are limited, so book today! Use the promo code MARATHON and save around 20%!

***Please make sure to book the Wahweap location - Bullfrog is a few hours away***

Resort Rates
Standard: $172.00+ / Marina View: $182.00+ / Lake View: $202.00+ 
Valid Dates: Oct 8, 2020 to Oct 12, 2020

Other Camping Options

The nearest campground is at Lone Rock. The cost is $10 per night to camp and that does not include entry fees to the park. There are no sites at Lone Rock, you just show up and find a place to camp/park your RV/sleep in your car. is a travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations. Search for nearby lodging! Logo

Things to See & Do

Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours provides quality guided tours, sightseeing tours and photographic tours, into slot canyons that are within the Antelope wash basin located on the outskirts of Page, Arizona. The slot canyons reside within the Navajo Nation reservation boundary. The Navajo nation has its own Tribal Park who maintains the slot canyons, Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park.

Antelope Canyon Waterholes Canyon sandstone photo

Antelope Canyon

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Horseshoe Bend

Race Day

Schedule Breakdown

Here's a tentative schedule of events:

5:00 am – first prize raffle (every 5 minutes).
5:30 am – last call for race day bib pickup.
6:15 am – runners line up/ last call for gear check.
6:20 am – National Anthem.
6:30 am – race starts!
9:15 am – awards ceremony.

Race finishers will receive a finisher medal, a food box (filled with snacks), a banana, and a chocolate milk. We welcome runners and spectators to gather at the finish line to take pictures, hang out and make friends for a while, and then we encourage you to go explore the Glen Canyon Recreation Area!

TIME ZONE NOTE: The expo and majority of the race takes place in Arizona. However, the finish line is in Utah. These states are in two different time zones. All times listed for the event are based on Arizona time (PDT). We recommend manually setting the time on your cell phones, vehicle clocks, etc. to maintain the correct time throughout the event.

Parking & Shuttles

We will have plenty of parking to accommodate all of our runners. There will be parking at the START LINE and the FINISH LINE. If you park at the start line there will be shuttles after the race taking you back to your car. If you park at the finish line before the race, there will be shuttles taking runners to the start line. Please read parking and shuttle details on your two options below!

Start Line Parking

In the morning, runners can park in the parking lots (outlined in pink) near the park and walk to the start line. If you are staying in town and within walking distance of the start we highly encourage you to walk to the start line. These parking lots will open at 4:45 am, and we recommend you arrive by 5:30 am. The start line parking will close at 6:00 am. After the race, shuttles will take runners back to your car near the start line from the finish line. Shuttle trips take some time and you may be waiting for a shuttle for awhile! If you don’t want to wait, then you should park at the finish and take a shuttle in the morning.

Lake Powell Parking Plan

Finish Line Parking

If you choose to park at the finish line, you must get there early in order to have time to ride the shuttle to the start line. We recommend being there at 4:00 am. The shuttles will leave at 4:45 am. If you miss the shuttle there will not be another one. If you are staying at the Lake Powell Resort you should plan on driving (or walking) to the finish line shuttle pickup (which is only 1 mile away from the resort).

Drop Off

Runners can be dropped off near the start line at the park (see green arrows on the map above). Please be there before 6:00 am when the parking lot closes.

Free Custom Training Program for this Race!

No matter your skill level, when you're pushing your limits it's nice to have a little guidance. We're excited to offer FREE training programs for all skill levels.
Check it out ≫

Rocky mountain and Joshua Tree were the two hardest races I've done, but they were completely worth it! Grand Canyon has so far been my favorite! Beautiful course, spirited people, and amazing staff. Not to mention the race shirts always have great designs! My goal is to complete all NP half marathons. I will be doing Zion, Yosemite, and hopefully Lake Powell next year 2018! Thank you Vaction Races for the fun times and everlasting memories.

Shayna Buffalow
Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon, and Joshua Tree Runner

Club Hikes & Trifecta

We like to encourage our runners to get out and enjoy the area where we hold our races, so we designate certain challenging and iconic activities in the park to be a part of our official club hikes and trifecta. We have 2 club hikes plus a less-intense, three-part trifecta!

Club Hikes

We have two club hikes for the Lake Powell Half Marathon: The Antelope Club and The Rainbow Club.

Antelope Club Hike Medallion

Antelope Club

The canyon is located just east of Page, Arizona. It runs north, across Hwy 98, into Lake Powell. In order to enter the canyon you must book a tour through a Navajo tour group. There are Navajo park fees and tour fees as well. There are several options of tour agencies. Our contacts in Page recommended Antelope Canyon Tours. Most we’ve seen have varying rates with children 5 and under being free (some are 6 and under).

There is the Upper Canyon (the most commonly photographed) and the Lower Canyon. Each have their own tour. You should look into it and see which one is more interesting to you.


No pictures from Antelope Canyon anywhere other than inside on a tour will be accepted.

Rainbow Club Hike Medallion

Rainbow Club

Rainbow Bridge is located north of Wahweap Bay. Proceed to the mouth of Forbidding Canyon (buoy 49) and travel about 2 miles to a sign that points the way left through a narrow passage. Be careful approaching the dock and go slow. Rainbow Bridge is a 1-2 mile hike from the water’s edge.

Rainbow Bridge can be accessed by private boat or rental. There are also boat tours that leave from The Lake Powell Resort. You may backpack to Rainbow Bridge across Navajo Nation lands; A permit from the Navajo Nation is required.

What do I get?

Any runners that take the challenge and complete one of the designated hikes within 72 hours of running the race will officially join the club, and receive a commemorative medallion! All you have to do is submit a picture of yourself at the designated location which includes:

  1. A clear view of your face
  2. Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible
  3. Your finisher medal in plain view
  4. Clear background showing where you are

These hikes are meant to be difficult and they can sometimes be dangerous. If you choose to attempt any of these hikes, you need to take them seriously. Please bring lots of water (more than you think you need), check the weather forecast, and take any precautions before beginning your hike.

Prizes & Requirements

Any runners that take the challenge and complete one of the designated hikes within 72 hours of running the race will officially join the club and receive a commemorative medallion! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself at the designated location which includes:

  1. A clear view of your face
  2. Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible
  3. Your finisher medal in plain view
  4. Clear background showing where you are

Lake Powell Trifecta

Lake Powell Trifecta Pin

For those looking for something less strenuous, we have the Lake Powell Trifecta! The Trifecta is comprised of 3 different activities. You must complete all 3 in order to complete the Trifecta. The Trifecta is meant to be challenging, but less strenuous. These are iconic activities inside the park that should be experienced, but are doable with children. The 3 activities that makeup the Trifecta are:

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is a breathtaking overlook at the Colorado River flowing from Lake Powell towards the Grand Canyon. It is a short drive outside of Page (just over 4 miles south) and just a 3/4 mile hike to the overlook! It is such a great thing to see. Seriously, if you come all the way to Lake Powell and don’t go see it, it would be a real waste.

Swim in the Lake

This one is simple. Jump in the lake. Just go for a swim! Go cool off! The water is still warm this time of year, so go enjoy it. Remember, your bib and finisher medal need to be visible in the picture! Don’t worry, the bibs are waterproof.

Tour Glen Canyon Dam

The picture you submit must be of you ON THE DAM. No other pictures will be accepted (from the bridge, etc.). In order to get on the dam you will need to take a dam tour. Tours are operated out of the visitors center by the Glen Canyon Natural History Association. The tour takes approximately 45 minutes.

Prizes & Requirements

PRIZE & REQUIREMENTS » You must complete all 3 in order to complete the Trifecta. Same rules apply: take your picture at each of the 3 locations with your bib and finisher medal and send them to us* 72 hours after finishing the race. Those who complete the Trifecta will receive a commemorative pin!

Note: We require that you combine all three trifecta photos into one image file before submitting your entry to the Trifecta. You can download this app to make a collage of your photos on your iPhone or Android.

Past Race Results & Photos

If you see that you placed, but didn't stick around for the awards ceremony, no worries! You can request to have your place medal shipped to you!

If you have questions about your placement or results, please email


Race Photos
Race photos are available the Friday following the week of the race. We will send out an email when they're posted to the album as well as place the link below. This year we are offering race photos FREE to all our runners!

Award Ceremony Photos
Award ceremony photos are posted within a week of the race. You can find a link to the award ceremony photos below:

Share your experiences with us! 
Be sure to use #LPHalf in any photos you post from the race or your adventures exploring the park so we can share in the fun with you!

Race Merchandise

Exclusive Lake Powell Half Marathon merchandise is available in our online store.

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