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Race Day

June 2, 2018 at 6:30 am


The race will have 3 parking areas for runners and spectators, with one being at the start line (Stilson Lot).

1) Stilson Lot- on the corner of Stilson Ranch Rd and Beckley Park Way in Wilson, WY (marked in green on the map to the left).

2) Ranch Lot at Teton Village- West of Moose Wilson Rd, on Apres Vous Rd in Teton Village, WY (marked in red on the map to the left).

3) Teton County Recreation Center- 155 E Gill Ave Jackson, WY (marked in blue on the map to the left).

The parking lots will open at 4:00 am, and shuttles will begin running from the Ranch Lot at Teton Village. To avoid traffic congestion, we strongly encourage runners to arrive early- we will have plenty of coffee and hot chocolate waiting for you at the start line race morning. Note: The Stilson Lot parking will close at 5:15 am (drop offs still allowed – see below for drop off details).

Runners who arrive at the Stilson lot after 5:15 will not be able to park there – they should proceed to the Ranch Lot at Teton Village where they can get on a shuttle to the start. We encourage all runners who want to park at the start line to be there before 5:15am. If you are staying close to a parking lot, we recommend walking, or getting dropped off to avoid congestion. The last shuttle leaves the Ranch Lot at Teton Village at 5:45 am.

For runners Staying in Jackson, we recommend going to the Rec. Center location to catch a shuttle. However, parking is very limited there and we strongly encourage runners to walk to the Rec. Center from their hotel, or get dropped off. The shuttle will leave the Rec. Center at 4:45 am.


To help with congestion at the start line, we are having all drop offs take place across the street from the Stilson Lot at Rendezvous Park. Turn in to either of the turn-offs marked by yellow arrows on the map to the right. We will have people directing traffic to avoid congestion there. Once runners are dropped off, they can walk down to the tunnel and safely cross under Moose Wilson Rd to the Stilson Lot and the start line.

Absolutely no parking at the finish line.


Since there is no parking at the finish line, all spectators will need to ride the shuttle to the finish line. Shuttles will begin shuttling spectators to the finish line after the race begins. Spectators may park at the following locations (refer to the left-hand map above):

1) Ranch Lot at Teton Village (marked in red)

2) Teton County Rec Center (marked in blue)

3) The Start Line/Stilson Lot (marked in green)

Note- the Stilson lot will be closed from 5:15 am until after the runners have left the area after the race begins.


Shuttles will transport runners and spectators back to the parking lots after the race. These shuttles will be leaving continuously as they fill up. The last shuttle will leave at Noon.


4:00 am – Open starting line parking
4:45 am – Rec. Center shuttle leaves to start line
5:15 am – Stilson Lot closes (remaining cars proceed to Ranch Lot)
5:44 am – Sunrise
5:45 am – Last shuttle leaves Ranch Lot to start
6:00 am – Last prize raffle/ Pacers line up.
6:15 am – Runners line up at the start line. Last call for gear check.
6:25 am – National Anthem.
6:30 am – Race Starts! All divisions.
6:35 am – Shuttles start running back and forth to finish.
9:15 am – Awards ceremony.
10:30 am – Race finish cutoff.
12:00 noon – Last shuttles leave from the finish line.

Any questions? You know where to find us.

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