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Grand Teton Half Marathon & 5K Details

June 4-5, 2021  |  Jackson, WY

Race Details

The Grand Teton Half Marathon takes place in the town of Jackson, Wyoming, just outside the entrance to Grand Teton National Park. It's a beautiful course with captivating views of snow capped mountain peaks, huge gulps of crisp fresh air, and maybe even some wildlife.

The race starts at 6:30 AM sharp with cutoff at 10:30 AM. That provides runners (and even walkers) 4 full hours to take in the scenery and make your way to the finish line.

To be clear, this race doesn't take place inside the National Park. (It's difficult to get permission to conduct private business activities on national land, and rightly so.) Having said that, this is about as close to the park as it gets.

Pricing & Registration Periods

Registration is now open

Registration Periods

Early: Aug. 14 – Nov. 15
Regular:  Nov. 16 – Feb. 14, 2021
Late: Feb. 15, 2021 – Race Expo

*There is a limited number of entries to each race, and this event may sell out. If the event is sold out, registration will close regardless of registration period.

Need to upgrade to the Moose Double, grizzly double, or Grand Quad?

Upgrading an existing registration to a Double or Quad package is treated as a transfer and can be completed via Run Signup

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*if you deferred into this race or transferred from another race your race credit will be $0 and we will need to help you upgrade your event. Contact us at

Half Marathon Course Description

This is a GREAT course! Possibly our prettiest ever!

It’s very scenic and the finish line has some amazing views of the Teton range! You don’t want to miss out on running this.

The race will begin in Wilson, WY. The start line is at the Stilson Lot just off the Teton Pass Hwy at Beckley Park Way. We'll begin by running west with traffic along Teton Pass Hwy (hwy 22) for a little over a mile. We will then take a right on 3rd Street, followed by an immediate right onto Main street crossing HHR Ranch road and jump onto the jogging trail.

We will stay on this beautiful and flat paved trail until we come to Moose Wilson Rd, which we will cross, and run over Snake River using the pedestrian bridge. After crossing the bridge, we will run east against traffic on Teton Pass Hwy (hwy 22) until about mile 6.25. We will then take a left onto Spring Gulch Road where we will stay for the remainder of the race, 4 miles of which is on a packed dirt road.

The elevation change on the course is marginal. The chart makes it look like a beast, but it is only over a few hundred feet. This will be a slightly challenging, but overwhelmingly beautiful course!

You'll gain 583 feet, with a max elevation at 6,383 feet.

Time limit
All runners will have 4 hours to finish the race. That is an 18 minute mile - plenty of time for walkers! If at anytime we deem it unsafe and need to pull a runner off the course we would hope for understanding and immediate cooperation. Failure to comply will result in being banned from future events.

Course Records
Our course record holders receive a FREE RACE ENTRY every year that their time remains the course record! The current course record holders are:
Male Overall: Tyler Mogan  1:10:43 (2018)
Female Overall: Lauren Hill  1:27:00 (2015)
Male Masters: 
Jay Johns  1:19:14 (2016)
Female Masters: 
Emily Chappelear  1:35:13 (2019)

Free Custom Training Program for this Race!

No matter your skill level, when you're pushing your limits it's nice to have a little guidance. We're excited to offer FREE training programs for all skill levels.
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Packet Pickup Options

You have a couple of options for picking up your bib and race packet including at the Race Expo, the Start Line, or we can mail it to you. When you register, we ask you to indicate when you plan to pick up your bib. If you plans change, don’t worry about it. We only ask to help us plan in terms of numbers.

Registration includes, a bib, race guide, race shirt, a hydrapouch (if chosen), a finishers medal and a finisher's food box.

Your choices to pick up your packet are:

Option #1: Race Expo
We’ll have our race expo the Friday before the race from 12pm–6pm at the Stilson Lot (1455 Beckley Park Way, Wilson, WY). Vendors will leave at 6, but you can still pick up your packet until 7. Please plan on coming and spending some time at the expo. We’ll have our merchandise table set up, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

Option #2: Race Morning (not recommended)
We will have limited race morning packet pickup. The race starts very early, so having to worry about getting your bib on race morning will only add unneeded stress to your life. But we know sometimes it just cant be avoided. If it can be avoided, please do not pick your packet up the morning of the race. Bib pickup on race morning will be right next to the starting line. The race starts at 6:30am. You will have until 6:00am to pick up your packet, so please get there early!

Option #3: Shipped Before the Race
There is a cost of $20 if you want to have your bib and shirt mailed to you. We do this as a convenience for runners not wanting to drive to Jackson early. You can add a shipped bib to your registration until one month before the race by logging into RunSignup, clicking Manage Registration, and Add Ons.

Refunds: Once your package is shipped, you are officially checked in to the race and no longer qualify for our refund, deferment, or transfer options.

Bring Your Own Bag
In our ongoing effort to eliminate waste during our races, our expos are bagless events. We encourage you to BYOB (bring your own bag) to hold your bib, race shirt, and any goodies you pick up from the race expo!

Race Shirts
If you are unhappy with the fit of your race shirt, or were unable to order the size you wanted, we will have a shirt exchange available at the finish line on race day. Please note that sizes and quantity will be limited.

Aid Stations

Expect about 6 aid stations on the course at around mile 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12. A medic will be stationed typically at the aid station at or near mile 7. Keep in mind, the exact location of each aid station may vary from race to race. Aid stations include toilets, water, Gnarly Hydrate, Honey Stinger gels, basic first aid supplies, and sometimes more. 

All stations are cup-free so plan to bring your own hydration solution or request a free HydraPouch when you register. 

Additional Details

Race Day Schedule

The race starts at 6:30 am sharp at the Stilson Lot! We do not start our races late so please get to the start line early. Runners will have 4 hours to finish the race. That is a 18 minute mile- plenty of time for walkers!

4:00 am – Open starting line parking
4:45 am – Rec. Center shuttle leaves to start line
5:15 am – Stilson Lot closes (remaining cars proceed to Ranch Lot)
5:44 am – Sunrise
5:45 am – Last shuttle leaves Ranch Lot to start
6:00 am – Last prize raffle/ Pacers line up
6:15 am – Runners line up at the start line. Last call for gear check
6:25 am – National Anthem
6:30 am – ⭐️ Race Starts! All divisions
6:35 am – Shuttles start running back and forth to finish
9:15 am – Awards ceremony
10:30 am – Race finish cutoff
12:00 noon – Last shuttles leave from the finish line

*There are no dogs allowed on the shuttles or at the finish line.

Parking, Shuttles, & Runner Drop-off

The race will have 3 parking areas for runners and spectators, with one being at the start line (Stilson Lot).

Stilson Lot
on the corner of Stilson Ranch Rd and Beckley Park Way in Wilson, WY (marked in green on the map below).

Ranch Lot at Teton Village
West of Moose Wilson Rd, on Apres Vous Rd in Teton Village, WY (marked in red on the map below).

Corner Lot of Gill and Cache St
155 E Gill Ave Jackson, WY (marked in blue on the map below).

Parking lots will open at 4:00 am, and shuttles will begin running from the Ranch Lot at Teton Village. To avoid traffic congestion, we strongly encourage runners to arrive early- we will have plenty of coffee and hot chocolate waiting for you at the start line race morning. Note: The Stilson Lot parking will close at 5:15 am (drop-offs still allowed – see below for drop off details).

Runners who arrive at the Stilson lot after 5:15 will not be able to park there – they should proceed to the Ranch Lot at Teton Village where they can get on a shuttle to the start. We encourage all runners who want to park at the start line to be there before 5:15am. If you are staying close to a parking lot, we recommend walking, or getting dropped off to avoid congestion. The last shuttle leaves the Ranch Lot at Teton Village at 5:45 am.

For runners Staying in Jackson, we recommend going to the lot at 155 E Gill Ave. to catch a shuttle. However, parking is very limited there and we strongly encourage runners to walk to that lot from their hotel, or get dropped off. The shuttle will leave the corner lot at Gill and Cache St at 4:45 am.

*There are no dogs allowed on the shuttles or at the finish line.

Runner Drop-off

To help with congestion at the start line, we are having all drop offs take place across the street from the Stilson Lot at Rendezvous Park. Turn in to either of the turn-offs marked by yellow arrows on the map to the right. We will have people directing traffic to avoid congestion there. Once runners are dropped off, they can walk down to the tunnel and safely cross under Moose Wilson Rd to the Stilson Lot and the start line.

Absolutely no parking at the finish line.

Teton Drop-off Map

Spectators & Post-race Shuttles

Since there is no parking at the finish line, all spectators will need to ride the shuttle to the finish line. Shuttles will begin shuttling spectators to the finish line after the race begins. Spectators may park at the following locations (refer to the left-hand map above):

1) Ranch Lot at Teton Village (marked in red)
2) Teton County Rec Center (marked in blue)
3) The Start Line/Stilson Lot (marked in green)

Note- the Stilson Lot will be closed from 5:15 am until after the runners have left the area after the race begins.

Shuttles will transport runners and spectators back to the parking lots after the race. These shuttles will be leaving continuously as they fill up. The last shuttle will leave at Noon.

Grand Teton 5K Information

We are excited to be offering a 5K race now! In addition to the half marathon, a 5 kilometer race will take place on Friday evening, June 4th at 7:00 pm. 

The Course
This is a beautiful course to give you a chance to work your legs out and enjoy a run with friends and family. The race begins from the expo location in Wilson, then run along Beckley Park Way before getting on Teton Pass Hwy (Hwy 22). Runners will then jump onto a jogging trail and loop around the pasture before returning to the finish line.  

Aid Station
There will be one aid station on the course near the half way point (mile 1.5). The aid station will have water, Gnarly, and bathrooms. Like the half marathon, this race will be cupless!

Bib Pickup
The race starts at 7:00pm sharp! Our expo will be in the same place as the start line (Stilson lot in Wilson, WY). 5K runners will have until 6:30pm to pick up their bibs so that we can get you all lined up and ready to go!

Note: The standard 5K registration is a timed race where runners will receive a race shirt, bib, and finisher medal. The 5K FUN RUN registration in not timed, but runner will still receive a race shirt, bib, and finisher medal.

Looking for more fun, more of a challenge, and more swag? Sign up for the Moose Double (5K + Half)!

Moose Double

With our Grand Teton event returning for 2020, this means the Moose Double will also return. The inaugural Moose double in 2019 was received! Runners who register for the Moose Double are signed up for both the Grand Teton 5K and the Grand Teton Half Marathon! In addition to a race shirt and bib, Moose Double registrants will also get a Moose Double swag item. Once runners finish both races- they are also awarded a special Moose Double finisher medal (in addition to a 5K and half marathon medal)!  

The Moose Double is the perfect way to challenge yourself and extend the fun in one weekend. On Friday, June 4th we will hold a 5K race, and then Saturday morning the half marathon will take place. We know a lot of you will be coming with family and friends so we wanted an event where more could participate. Those that sign up for the Moose Double during registration commit to running both the 5K and the Half Marathon. Pretty hard, core right?

Not only are Moose Double runners special in the eyes of their loved ones, but we think they’re pretty neat as well- So those who complete it will receive a special swag item and medal (in addition to the finisher medal for the separate races).

Those of you running the Moose Double will still pick up your bibs and race shirt at the Grand Teton Half expo. Those registered for the Moose Double will receive:

  • 1 Grand Teton Half Marathon & 5K race shirt
  • 3 finisher medals (1 5K medal, 1 half marathon medal, and 1 special Moose Double medal!)
  • 1 special swag item (unless you opted out during registration)


Moose Double Medal Design

⚠️Note: Signing up for the two races individually will not earn the Moose Double medal. In order to receive the special medal and swag item, runners must officially register for the Moose Double during registration.

🏅Double Or Quad Pricing: You may wonder why it costs more to sign up for a double or quad event. For example, the fee to register for the Moose Double is more than it would cost to register for the Grand Teton 5K and the Grand Teton Half separately. While it doesn't save you money signing up for a packaged event, what runners WILL get is additional swag, and an additional finisher's medal...not to mention the runner's high and satisfaction for completing all the races involved! We highly recommend registering for the double/quad if you're on the fence about doing multiple events!

Travel Tips

Before we get into specifics… be sure the check out The National Park Service’s “Planning Your Trip” information. It’s packed with useful tips.

Picture of antlers at Jackson Hole, WY

Getting Here

Flying to Jackson Hole Airport is by far your best option. It’s only a 15 minute drive into town and there are several rental car services on site. If you book soon, you shouldn’t have trouble flying here.If you can’t do Jackson Hole, you can try Idaho Falls Regional Airport. It’s just under a 2 hour drive to Jackson and you have car rental options there as well.

Driving is a little trickier, since no interstates go through Jackson.

From the West Coast or Southwest
If you’re driving from the west coast, you’ll want to take I-80 or I-84 going east. You’ll then connect with I-15, heading north to I-80 E. Take UT-16 N, U.S. 30 W and US-89 N to N Cache St in Jackson.

From the East
There are two general routes you can take from the eastern U.S., depending on where you start from. You can take I-90 west to Route 89. Take 89 south, to 287, right through Yellowstone National Park. Be warned that this will take some time, since traffic through the park can be slow as people watch the wildlife. From 287 take the 26 south to Jackson. You can also take I-80 west to US-191 N. This will take you to N Cache St in Jackson.

Where to Stay

We recommend staying in Jackson Hole. There's plenty of lodging throughout the valley, up at Teton Village, and in the town of Jackson. You can review our race day shuttle and parking plan here, if you like to plan around that.

Additional Hotel Options
We've partnered with to search for the best hotel options in the area. Check them out below!


Club Hikes & Trifecta

To help you make the most out of your visit to Grand Teton National Park, we've put together some recommended "Club Hikes". Do one of these Club Hikes within 72 hours of the end of the race will receive a club hike medallion. Completing the the Trifecta Challenge within 72 hours earns you an official Trifecta pin!

Any runner who sends us a picture of him or herself at these destinations will officially join the club! The photo must be sent within 72 hours of the race and must include:
• A clear view of your happy face
• Your bib with bib number clearly visible
• Your shiny new finisher medal in view
• A clear background that shows you actually completed the hike

Following the Grand Teton Half Marathon, we will post a link to the website where runners can send us their photos and names. Good luck!

Bradley Club

Bradley Club Hike Medallion

The Bradley Club is a salute the hardcore among us. We want to reward anyone who completes the Bradley-Taggart trail loop after this year’s race. Any runner who sends us a picture of themselves from Bradley Lake within 72 hours of the end of the race which includes:

A clear view of your face
Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible
Your finisher medal in plain view
A clear background that shows you at Bradley Lake (NOT Taggart Lake, which you will also pass on the hike)
... will join the Bradley Club. Additionally, those runners will get a special medallion to commemorate!

This hike is a 6 mile loop up to Bradley Lake and back down past Taggart Lake, with extremely scenic views of the Tetons, pretty much the whole way. You’ll start at the Taggart Lake Trailhead, then connect with Bradley Lake Trail. You can get detailed directions and stats on this hike on the Trail Run Project website.

Be sure to take your picture at Bradley Lake (at about the 2 mile mark) and don’t forget to bring lots of water!

Table Club

Table Club Hike Medallion

The Table Club is a salute the hardcore among us. We want to reward anyone who hikes Table Mountain after the race. Any runner who sends us a picture of themselves from the top of Table Mountain within 72 hours of the end of the race which includes:

A clear view of your face
Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible
Your finisher medal in plain view
A clear background that shows you actually completed the hike
... will join the Table Club. Additionally, those runners will get a special medallion to commemorate!

This hike is BEAUTIFUL and offers amazing views of the Grand Teton range. It’s a 12 mile round-trip hike that will take about 8 hours to complete. During race weekend, there will likely be some snow toward the top of the trail. Please bring plenty of water and do not act irresponsibly!

Amphitheater Club

The same rules and prizes will apply as the Table Club. Any runner who sends us a picture of themselves from Amphitheater Lake within 72 hours of the end of the race which includes:

1. A clear view of your face

2. Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible

3. Your finisher medal in plain view

4. A clear background that shows you actually completed the hike

... will join the Amphitheater Club. Additionally, those runners will get a special medallion to commemorate!

This hike is just under 10 miles round-trip and actually takes you up into the Teton Range. Please bring plenty of water and act responsibly!

Grand Teton Trifecta

Grand Teton Trifecta Pin

The Grand Teton Trifecta is made up of 3 different activities, which focus more on you experiencing the park rather than doing one big hike. You must complete all 3 in order to complete the Trifecta. Same rules as the club hikes apply: take your picture at each of the 3 locations with your bib and finisher medal and send them to us 72 hours after finishing the race. If you complete the Trifecta you will receive a Grand Teton Trifecta pin to commemorate!

The Trifecta is meant to be challenging, but less strenuous. Each section of the three-part challenge is iconic to the park, but doable with children. The three Grand Teton Trifecta activities are:

Snake River Overlook

This is the location where Ansel Adams took his iconic picture of the Tetons in 1942. The overlook is easily accessible from the roadside parking lot located nine miles north of Moose on the main highway. This is easily one of the most beautiful views of the mountain range. You don’t want to miss it!

Rendezvous Point

The last of the three trifecta hikes isn’t exactly a hike. We want you to take the Jackson Hole Tram from Teton Village up to Rendezvous Point. The views on the 15 minute tram ride, alone, are breathtaking. At the top you’ll get an incredible view of the Snake River Valley and Grand Teton National Park and the Gros Ventre Range. It’s amazing!

Jenny Lake

HEADS UP! Cascade Canyon (1/3 of our usual Grand Teton Trifecta) and some of the area around Jenny Lake may not be accessible due to snow. So instead of hiking or taking a shuttle boat to Cascade Canyon, this year all you have to do is visit Jenny Lake!

Whether you choose to take a scenic boat tour, or do some exploring on foot, just take a picture at the lake with your bib and medal and we’ll accept it as part of your Trifecta submission!

Be sure to bring your race bib and finisher medal to each location and make sure they’re clearly visible in each picture!

Past Race Results & Photos

If you see that you placed, but didn't stick around for the awards ceremony, no worries! You can request to have your place medal shipped to you!

If you have questions about your placement or results, please email


Race Photos
Race photos are available the Friday following the week of the race. We will send out an email when they're posted to the album as well as place the link below. This year we are offering race photos FREE to all our runners!

Award Ceremony Photos
Award ceremony photos are posted within a week of the race. You can find a link to the award ceremony photos below:

Share your experiences with us! 
Be sure to use #TetonHalf in any photos you post from the race or your adventures exploring the park so we can share in the fun with you!

Race Merchandise

Exclusive Grand Teton Half Marathon merchandise is available in our online store.

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