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Quick Info

Race Details

Half Marathon Date: June 5, 2021
Location: Wilson, WY
Start Time: 6:00am *staggered start
Weather: 35° – 67°F

Course Type: Point-to-point
Stroller friendly? Yes
Disability friendly? Yes
Dogs allowed? No

5K Race
Date: June 4, 2021
Wilson, WY
5K Start Time
6:00 pm *staggered start

Bib Pickup
June 4, 2021, 9pm–5pm
Stilson lot, Wilson, WY

Registration Periods & Pricing

Early: $109 Aug. 14 – Nov. 15
Regular:  $129 Nov. 16 – Feb. 14
Late: $149 Feb. 15 – Race Expo

Refund Policy
Refunds available ONLY during Early and Regular registration periods ($10 fee)
*Refunds not available due to weather

Deferral, Race Transfer, and Bib Transfer available during all registration periods ($20 fee). Full policy details.

Want to use a deferred credit? 
Login to RunSignup, click Deferrals, Complete Deferments

Travel & Other Info

Fly Into
Jackson Hole (JAC) - 15 min. drive
Idaho Falls (IDA) - 2 hrs. drive
Salt Lake (SLC) - 5 hrs. drive

Driving Directions
Stilson lot - Wilson, WY

Lodging options & recommendations

Race Guide

The race guide has our most up-to-date answers to any question you might ask. Please read it!

"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! To behold this alone is worth the pains of any excursion a thousand times over." -John Muir

Runners on path with snowy teton mountains in the background

Half Marathon Course Summary

This is a GREAT course! Possibly our prettiest ever!

It’s very scenic and the finish line has some amazing views of the Teton range! You don’t want to miss out on running this.

We'll start the race in Wilson, WY by running along Teton Pass Hwy (Hwy 22) for a little over a mile and then jumping onto a jogging trail. We'll stay on this beautiful and flat paved trail until we cross a pedestrian bridge over the Snake River. After some more road running, the course turns to a peaceful well-packed dirt road before finishing at the golf course! 

Grand Teton 5K

We are excited to be offering a 5K race now! In addition to the half marathon, a 5 kilometer race will take place on Friday evening, June 4th at 6:00 pm

This is a beautiful course to give you a chance to work your legs out and enjoy a run with friends and family. The race begins from the expo location and runs a clockwise loop around part of the Stilson Ranch!

Doubles & Quadruple

If you aren't familiar with our events that have 5K distances in addition to a half marathon, runners can sign up for both and earn extra swag and an extra medal. We call these "doubles". The Grand Teton and Yellowstone events will take place on back-to-back weekends in June!

With two half marathons and two 5K races, we have some exciting news. We are introducing a new QUADRUPLE- the Grand Quad! That's signing up and running all 4 events. If you sign up for the quadruple you are essentially doing the Grand Teton Half & 5K and the Yellowstone Half & 5K. Runners get some Grand Quad swag, all the doubles medals, plus the Quadruple medal- That's 8 medals total!

Here are all the options:

Moose Double
Grand Teton Half Marathon & Grand Teton 5K
Runners earn: Moose Double swag + 2 finisher medals (1 for each race) + 1 Moose Double medal

Bison Double
Yellowstone Half Marathon & Yellowstone 5K
Runners earn: Bison Double swag + 2 finisher medals (1 for each race) + 1 Bison Double medal

Grizzly Double
Grand Teton Half Marathon & Yellowstone Half Marathon
Runners earn: Grizzly Double swag + 2 finisher medals (1 for each race) + 1 Grizzly Double medal

Grand Quad
Grand Teton Half Marathon, Grand Teton 5K, Yellowstone Half Marathon, & Yellowstone 5K
Runners earn: Grand Quad swag + 4 finisher medals (1 for each race) + 1 Moose Double medal + 1 Bison Double medal + 1 Grizzly Double medal + 1 Grand Quad medal = 8 medals!

Note: If you've run with us in the past, you may recall the Caldera Triple. With the new Grand Teton 5K and the quadruple added, we've retired the Caldera Triple for now. 

The Park

If you've ever dreamt of seeing the Tetons, take this chance!

The Tetons have inspired countless hikers, backpackers, mountaineers, and explorers throughout history. John Wayne's film acting debut The Big Trail was filmed here in 1930 as well as the western classic Shane (1953). Grand Teton National Park contains over 200 miles of trails to discover including one that American Indians and fur trappers may have used in the 1820s. You could even paddle a canoe or raft the world famous Snake River. 

Image of Grand Teton National Park
Image of Grand Teton National Park

Registration is SOLD OUT FOR 2021!

Registration Periods

Early: Aug. 14 – Nov. 15
Regular:  Nov. 16 – Feb. 14, 2021
Late: Feb. 15, 2021 – Race Expo

*There is a limited number of entries to each race, and this event may sell out. If the event is sold out, registration will close regardless of registration period.

Charity Bibs

Want to run for a great cause? Fundraise for your chosen race and your registration fee could be waived. All funds go to Wander Project to support efforts in and around the communities that host our events. We primarily fund three project areas including: preservation and conservation of public lands; education around local ecology and stewardship; and the promotion of health and well-being. Learn more about Charity Bibs here!

Need to upgrade to the Moose Double, grizzly double, or Grand Quad?

Upgrading an existing registration to a Double or Quad package is treated as a transfer and can be completed via Run Signup

It's easy!
>> Log into your Run Signup Account                                            >> Go to "Profile"                                                      >> Click "Manage Registration"
>> Click "Transfer Event" on the top menu bar

>> Click "Start Transfer"
>> Choose your Event  
>> Continue and complete your registration!

*if you deferred into this race or transferred from another race your race credit will be $0 and we will need to help you upgrade your event. Contact us at info@vacationraces.com.

Aid Stations

Expect about 6 aid stations on the course at around mile 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12. A medic will be stationed typically at the aid station at or near mile 7. Keep in mind, the exact location of each aid station may vary from race to race. Aid stations include toilets, water, Gnarly Hydrate, Honey Stinger gels, basic first aid supplies, and sometimes more. 

All stations are cup-free so plan to bring your own hydration solution or request a free HydraPouch when you register. 

Additional Details

Free Custom Training Program for this Race!

No matter your skill level, when you're pushing your limits it's nice to have a little guidance. We're excited to offer FREE training programs for all skill levels.
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"Wash your spirit clean." -John Muir

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