Everglades Half Marathon & 5K

This is a pleasant and mostly flat course (you’d be hard pressed to find a hilly course in south Florida). This course runs primarily on dirt roads with some sections on pavement. As you run, you’ll be surrounded by the flora and fauna of the Everglades with narrow canals paralleling the dirt roads. Top it all off with a scenic finish at the beautiful Schnebly Winery!
  • Location: Homestead, FL
  • Date: October 22, 2022 
  • Terrain: Mixed
  • Difficulty: Easy

October 21-22, 2022

Homestead, FL



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Race Info

Half Marathon

Date: October 22, 2022

Start Time: 7:00 AM (EST)

5K & Fun Run

Date: October 21, 2022

Start Time: 5:00 PM (EST)

Expo & Location

Expo Hours: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Start/Finish Line:

Schnebly Redland's Winery 

Homestead, FL

The expo, 5K, and Half Marathon are all based at the Schnebly site!

The Course

Weather: 86°/74°F

Terrain: This is a flat course on packed dirt roads with some pavement.

Strollers allowed? Yes

Disability Friendly? Yes

Dogs allowed? No

Welcome to the Everglades

Run with us at the gateway to the Everglades. We've been here before, but we're offering a new course in 2022 for another chance to explore this beautiful, wildlife-rich area.


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Know Your Guidelines

- Read your race details! Following event rules helps us to put on safe, sustainable events.

- We are a cup-free event! Please stick to reusable water bottles and avoid bringing disposable items to the race.

- Give wildlife plenty of distance and do not harass or touch them!

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Everglades Details

Come here to prepare for your race!

Course Details

Start Time: 7:00am (EST) October 22, 2022

Start/Finish Location: Schnebly Redland's Winery (Homestead, FL)

Course Description and Maps

Everglades Half Marathon is definitely one for the books. The stunning natural surroundings, the gardens and grounds make Schnebly Redland’s Winery the perfect place to start and finish this amazing race.  

The race will start by heading north along a paved road for about 1.5 miles. The course will then take a left heading west on a dirt road, just north of the Airport. Around mile 2.5 you will come to the first Aid Station where runners will take another left heading South. This section of the course runs along a Canal that borders Everglades National Park. This canal will provide a good opportunity to see some alligators along the course. The majority of the course will also be run on flat dirt roads. 

Around mile 4.25 the course will turn right heading west again. This section of the course will cross over some diversion gates for the canals. You will come to the next Aid Station at mile 5. The course will then head south again with a beautiful waterway and the Everglades to your right. The course will turn to the right again bringing you to the next Aid Station at mile 7. Continuing on the course will once again veer to the south for about ½ a mile. You will then turn left heading east for about 2 miles passing the mile 9 Aid Station. You will then come to a “T” in the road where you will take a left and head north. Running north along the Canal for the next couple miles you will pass the mile 11 Aid station.

Around mile 11.5 you will come to a junction where you will turn right heading east back toward the finish line. You will pass the next aid station at Mile 12 along this stretch of the course. You will then come to another “T” in the road around mile 12.75 where you will take a left to head to the finish line. This remaining ½ mile of the course will be along the side of a paved road.  Where you will finish at the Schnebly Winery.

2022 Everglades half Marathon satellite course map

Click for an interactive map

Everglades half marathon elevation

Time Limit
All runners will have 4 hours to finish the race. That is an 18.5 minute mile - plenty of time for walkers! If at anytime we deem it unsafe and need to pull a runner off the course we would hope for understanding and immediate cooperation. Failure to comply will result in being banned from future events.

Course Records
Though we've run at the Everglades before, this is a new course for us! We'll be setting all new records at the 2022 Half Marathon. Our course record holders receive a FREE RACE ENTRY every year that their time remains the course record!

Aid Stations

Expect about 6 aid stations on the course at around mile 2.75, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12. A medic will be stationed typically at the aid station at or near mile 9. Keep in mind, the exact location of each aid station may vary from race to race. Aid stations include toilets, water, Gnarly Hydrate, Honey Stinger gels, basic first aid supplies, and sometimes more. 

All stations are cup-free so plan to bring your own hydration solution or request a free Nathan reusable cup when you register

image of a blue foldable cup with the Nathan brand name on it

Bib Pickup & Expo

Bib Pickup Options

You have a couple of options for picking up your bib and race packet. When you register, we ask you to indicate when you plan to pick up your bib. If your plans change, don’t worry about it. We only ask to help us plan in terms of numbers.

Option #1: Race Expo
We’ll have our race expo the Friday before the race. Expos typically last from 5-7 hours, giving you plenty of time to check in to your race.

Option #2: Race Morning (not recommended)
We will have limited race morning packet pickup. If it can be avoided, please do not pick your packet up the morning of the race.

Option #3: Shipped Before the Race
There is a cost of $30 if you want to have your bib and shirt mailed to you. You can add a shipped bib to your registration until one month before the race by logging into RunSignup, clicking Manage Registration, and Add Ons.

Refunds: Once your package is shipped, you are officially checked in to the race and no longer qualify for our refund, deferment, or transfer options.

Schnebly Winery at dusk

Location: Schnebly Redland's Winery (Homestead, FL)

Date: Friday, October 21, 2022

Hours: 10:00am - 4:30pm

This is a great opportunity to pick up your bib, check out the area, and meet fellow runners. We’ll have our merchandise table set up, so be sure to stop by and say hi! We'll have a variety of swag from race shirts to our favorite Hydro Flasks and everything in-between.

Bring Your Own Bag
In our ongoing effort to eliminate waste during our races, our expos are bagless events. We encourage you to BYOB (bring your own bag) to hold your bib, race shirt, and any goodies you pick up from the race expo!

Race Schedule 

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Schedule Breakdown

All times listed are in EST

Note: Check back closer to the race date for a complete schedule! Always plan to arrive 1 hour before your race start time. We will have Summit Coffee, hot chocolate, and good energy at the start line to get you ready to run.

Parking & Staging

Start & Finish Line Parking

Note: Check here the week of the race for a map of the parking and start line staging.

Drop Off 

Drop-offs will take place at the runner parking lot. Please drop your runner off promptly and exit the lot to avoid slowing down traffic.

view of the Schnebly winery where our race starts and ends


Spectators are welcome at this event and may park in the main lot! We ask you to stick to the start/finish line areas for the best way to cheer on your runner. 

We recommend downloading the RaceJoy app to track your runner's progress and send them cheers along the way! Once your runner has crossed the finish line, please exit the runner recovery area to avoid crowding. The beverages, supplies, and medical tent at the finish line are for runner use only - thank you!

Unsure how to spend your time during the race? Consider volunteering at the event to cheer on your runner while earning money towards a future race entry! You can sign up to volunteer via Runsignup.com once registration has opened.

Everglades 5K

race medal for everglades 5k

Everglades 5K & Fun Run

Date: Friday, October 21st

Start Time: 5:00pm

Location: Schnebly Redland's Winery (Homestead, FL)

What's the Fun Run? The Fun Run is for those who do not wish to be timed. You run the same course and receive a race shirt and medal, but you will not be able to compete for any awards.

The Course

Dirt Road

Stroller friendly? Yes

Disability friendly? Yes

Everglades 5K is going to be amazing.  The stunning natural surroundings, the gardens and grounds make Schnebly Redland’s Winery the perfect place to start and finish this amazing race.  

The course starts out by heading south for about 100 yards before taking a right onto a dirt road that heads west along farm fields for about a mile.  The course will then take a quick turn to the right heading north for a very short distance.  The course will turn to the right again heading west.  The course will then come to a “T” in the road where we will take a left and head south along the Canal for a short distance.  You will then come to the mile 2 Aid Station where you will take a left and head east back towards the finish line.  Running along the canal you will pass mile 3 as you approach another “T” in the road where you will take a left and head north back to the finish line at the Schnebly Winery.

satellite map of the 5k course

Click for an interactive map

elevation profile

Aid Station
There will be one aid station on the course near the half way point (mile 1.5). The aid station will have water, Gnarly, and bathrooms. Like the half marathon, this race will be cupless!

Bib Pickup
5K & Fun Run runners can pick up their bibs at the race expo before the race. Please plan to come early to avoid a last minute rush. 

Gator Double

What is the Gator Double?

Up for an extra challenge? Try the Gator Double! Run the 5K on Friday evening and the half marathon on Saturday morning and earn extra swag! You'll use the same bib for both events.

When: October 21-22, 2022
WhereSchnebly Redland's Winery (Homestead, FL)

Gator Double


Everglades 5K

Everglades Half Marathon

Two races, one weekend! You'll run both Everglades races within the span of 24 hours. Pretty hard, core right?

With a Gator Double registration, you'll earn: 

  • One standard race shirt for Everglades
  • ONE special Gator Double swag item - during registration, you’ll choose between a hat, pint glass, campers mug, t-shirt, tank top, or beach hoodie and you’ll pick it up at the race expo. Additional items can be purchased at the end of the second race.
  • Two finisher medals - one for each race
  • One Gator Double medal

Check in before the 5K and use this bib for both races.

Registration & Upgrades

You MUST register for the Gator Double not separate races. 

If you register for the races separately, you will need to upgrade into the Gator Double in order to receive special swag and medals.

Need to upgrade to a Double?

This is considered an event transfer. You can transfer into a Double via your account on Run Signup.

*if you deferred or transferred into this race your race credit will appear as $0. Contact us at info@vacationraces.com and we'll complete the upgrade for you!

Zero Waste

As nature lovers, we are committed to keeping our events sustainable and managing negative impacts on the environment. Our goal is to send less than one bag of actual “trash” to the landfill after each event. We have managed to meet this goal at events with over 3,000 participants!

Here's how you can help us:


Single-use plastic is a huge source of waste at any public event. We have reduced that impact by making our events "cup-free". 

What does that mean for you?

Coolers of Water and Gnarly Hydrate (electrolyte drink) are available at all aid stations, but cups will not be provided on course or at the finish line. In order to stay hydrated, we ask you to bring one of the following:

1. Reusable water bottle

2. Nathan reusable cup - These light-weight cups fold into a pocket or waistband. Request one when you sign up to run!

3. Hydration pack - These are refillable backpacks meant for running that allow you to access fluid via a built-in straw.

image of the foldable Nathan cup next to a person folding the cup into their waistbag

Stay hydrated on course with a reusable cup!


You can help us reduce trash by sorting disposable items into the appropriate container. 

You’ll notice three containers at our events:

  • Compostables: Organic goods like banana peels and most food items (without the wrapper please!)
  • Recyclables: Paper, aluminum, cardboard, steel, and glass. Please dump out any liquids into the compost bin BEFORE recycling the container.
  • Everything Else: Non-recyclable food wrappers like from used gel packets and styrofoam. Please dump out any food matter BEFORE throwing away the container.

Please avoid putting organic waste and compostable items in the wrong bin. It gets gross to sort through.

Race Results and Photos

Race Results

Visit RunSignup for 2022 results.

Runner times are available ~20 minutes after you finish the race. Keep in mind, the results are not official until all runners have crossed the finish line, and have been reviewed by the event director. Because our age group winners are based on chip time, it is possible to cross the finish line before someone else in your age group while still finishing with a slower time than them. 

Top Finisher but missed the awards ceremony? You can request to have your place medal shipped to you!

Got questions about your placement? please email timing@runsum.com.

Half Marathon Photos

Half marathon race photos are typically available for FREE via RunSignup the Friday following the week of the race. We will send out an email when they're posted to the album. Currently, we do not offer photos for the 5K event.

Share your experiences with us! 
Be sure to use #EvergladesHalf in any photos you post from the race or your adventures exploring the park so we can share in the fun with you!

Race Merchandise

Exclusive Everglades Half Marathon merchandise will be available at the expo and near the finish line! When possible, we'll have race merch for sale in our online store after the race is over. Please allow time for us to add items online.

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