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9 days, 6 races, countless adventures

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Welcome to Argentina and Chile!

This all-inclusive running adventure will show you the beauty of the Andes Mountains!

Every day we will take you on a trail run through mountains and along rivers. These races are designed to challenge you, with the reward of stunning views along the way (Don't worry, we often slow down to take it all in). At the end, you'll earn a medal to celebrate!

The runs are topped off with daily lunches and afternoon activities to explore the best of the iconic Patagonia region.


Boat crossing into Chile

Lamay River float

Glacier tour

What's included

  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Transportation between activities
  • Daily 7-12K trail races
  • The cost of all included activities in the itinerary
  • Most meals and drinks*

*We plan for 1-2 afternoons/evenings when you'll be able to explore town and get food on your own. Ask our team for recommendations!

Also, SWAG!

Vacation Races always treats you right, but Global Adventures takes it up a notch.

Apart from the awesome medal you'll get at the end of the week, you'll also get some great high quality gear and souvenirs that you'll cherish for years to come.

Your only tasks?

Choose a trip

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Book your flight

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Get covered

A COVID-19 vaccination is required and we recommend having travel insurance.

  • Spring 2022

  • fall 2022

$3,699/per guest

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100% refundable deposit

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Patagonia Itinerary

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Adventure Overview

  • Day 1: Welcome to Argentina
  • Day 2: El Chalten
  • Day 3: Sendero al Fitz
  • Day 4: El Calafate
  • Day 5: Bariloche
  • Day 6: Limay River
  • Day 7: Journey to Chile
  • Day 8: Puerta Varas
  • Day 9: Departure 

Day 1: Welcome to Argentina

You’ll arrive in El Calafate, Argentina by Saturday afternoon where we'll have an airport shuttle to our hotel for the first night. 

We’ll check you in and get everyone oriented for what to expect throughout the week, plus it's your first chance to meet your fellow adventurers! Dinner and drinks are included the first night.

Patagonia is a protected region, please check all luggage restrictions before packing!

Arrival Details

Check-in: Starts at 5pm

Airport: El Calafate Airport

** For smooth planning, please check the Nitty-Gritty section below for arrival and departure travel details **

Day 2: El Chalten

Pack your bags, we’re heading to El Chalten, town of climers. Don’t worry, we will be back to El Calafate in a few days. We’ll wake up early and head straight to our first run of the week, which is a great introduction to Ruta 40, the main route that travels through Argentina.

On our way to El Chalten we will stop in La Leona, the only stopping point on ruta 40 between El Calafate and El Chalten. We'll run a 7K through sand dunes past the Viedma Lake reflection of the Andes Mountain Range, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.
After our run, we'll have a catered lunch at the Estancia La Estela Ranch before heading to our hotel in El Chalten to check in. On the way to Chalten we are going to see the first views of the glaciers and their malted water lakes.

In the late afternoon we'll do some rock climbing with some local guides on a cliffside next to the famed Roy Fitz pick. Then we'll have a group dinner at a pizzeria next to our hotel.

Race Details

Distance: 7K loop

Elevation: 1877 FT

Elevation Gain: 823 FT

Difficulty: Moderate

Day 3: Sendero al Fitz

This will be an early morning and the longest run of the week. We will drive 25 minutes to the ranch where we are going to run on the Sendero al Fitz / El Fitz Trail. We will run a loop ending back at the ranch where we will have our second breakfast with mate testing (Argentinean tea) and some tortafritas (fried cakes).

You will have time to wander El Chalten and do some exploring or shopping before we load the buses and drive back to El Calafate.

We will have a group dinner at a local BBQ (they have vegetarian options as well), where you can see local gauchos shearing sheep.

Race Details

Distance: 18 KM loop

Elevation Gain: 800 FT

Difficulty: Moderate

Day 4: El Calafate

We won’t run this day but it will be a long day of hiking.

We'll take a boat out to the Glaciar Perito Moreno located in the Los Glaciares National Park - named after the explorer Francisco Moreno who explored the area in the 19th century and played a significant part in defending the territory of Argentina.

From there we'll gear up for a day-hike out on the glacier where we'll definitely hear the rumblings of the glacier calving.

After exploring the Glacier we'll head back to El Calafate where you'll have some time to explore the city on your own and enjoy the local cuisine of your choice. We will, of course, offer a few of our favorite suggestions.

Dinner & free time on your own

Race Details

Distance: 5 KM point-to-point

Elevation: 1562 FT

Elevation Gain: 500 FT

Difficulty: Moderate (we'll be hiking, not running)

Day 5: Bariloche

We’re leaving on a jet plane. This morning we’ll wake up, have breakfast at the hotel, and pack our bags to fly up to Bariloche. You’ll need to wear your running clothes and have your day pack with you because we’re going straight to the Gondola and running down the trail / road to the bottom.

After we take time to check into the hotel and shower we will walk through the historic town of Bariloche and have a nice dinner together.

Race Details

Distance: 5 KM point-to-point

Elevation: 4347 FT

Elevation Gain: 200 FT

Difficulty: Moderate (but high-altitude!)

Day 6: Limay River

Whatever floats your boat! The river will actually be floating the boats we will be traveling in. Today we’ll travel past the Nahuel Huapi Lake and make our way to the Limay River where we will embark on a 10K run along the river until we reach a bank. Here we will load 10-man boats and paddle down to a riverside picnic that has been laid out for us on a private ranch. We will hang out here for a few hours and enjoy the shade and views.

 Next will load the shuttles and head back to the hotel where you will be on your own for the night. You’ll be able to do some sightseeing, eat more empanadas than you should, or find some chocolates and coffee before you head to dinner. You can go on your own or grab some of your new friends and find a restaurant.

Dinner & free time on your own

Race Details

Distance: 10K point-to-point

Elevation: 3002 FT

Elevation Gain: 100 FT

Difficulty: Moderate (high-altitude!)

Day 7: Journey to Chile

I’m on a boat! Today we’re crossing the Andes! We will be traveling from Argentina to Chile, not only by boat but by foot as well. This might be the funnest day of the trip, crossing 3 bodies of water by boat and running across the border from Argentina into Chile and staying in a private hotel in the middle of the lakes. We will board a boat in Bariloche and cross the Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Once we dock we will run the 5k to the next dock. We will cross Lago Frias, take a short bus ride, and run across the border, finishing the day with a bus ride to Hotel Natura Peulla, Patagonia, where we will stay for the night. These grounds are amazing - they’re filled with paths leading to waterfalls and spectacular gardens

  • Crossing the Andes by boat and foot!
  • Hotel Natura - Puella
  • Puella, Chile

Race Details

Distance: 3 & 5 KM point-to-point

Elevation: 3881 FT

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Difficulty: Moderate (but high-altitude!)

Day 8: Puerto Varas

After we have breakfast at the hotel we will board our last boat ride and arrive in Puerto Petrohue to run a trail towards the Osorno Volcano flowing through the debris field and end at the shore where we will have a catered lunch on the black sand beach. Our shuttles will pick us up and take us to Puerto Varas where we will enjoy our final celebratory dinner.

Race Details

Distance: 6 KM point-to-point

Elevation: 1529 FT

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Difficulty: Moderate

Day 9: Depart from Puerto Montt or Bariloche

March and February participants should plan to fly out of Bariloche on Sunday, the last day the trip. Shuttles will be provided.

All good things must come to an end - until the next adventure, that is! All will depart from our hotel to the airport via shuttle, bus, or a taxi to the airport. 

  • Bariloche Airport
  • Bariloche, Argentina

*Although we try to stick to the schedule above, our itinerary is subject to change based on weather and logistics. We will always try to replace activities with a comparable alternative and will inform participants ahead of time.

Scenes from the Adventure

Get a sneak peak at some of the scenic views and epic runs from Argentina to Chile!

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The Nitty-gritty

Now that you're as excited as we are, let's get down to the gritty details of your adventure.


Trip Pricing

$3,699 (double occupancy room)
$4,499 (single occupancy room)


$500 (refundable)

Trips are fully refundable until 6 months before the event and partially refundable until 90 days before the event. Please read the Registration Policy for more info.


Arrival/Departure Details: This adventure starts in Argentina but finishes in Chile.

Your arriving flight should land in El Calafate (FTE). We will rendezvous in El Calafate, Argentina at 6:00pm on Saturday.

Please make sure that your flight arrives no later than 4:00pm in order to make it to orientation. Your arrival flights will need to connect from Buenos Aries (EZE) to El Calafate (FTE). There are two ways to do this, EZE to FTE or transfer airports by taxi from EZE to AEP then to FTE. Make sure you give yourself at least 4 hours if you do the airport transfer, customs can take up to 2 hours.

Please book your departing flight from Bariloche (BRC) connecting through Buenos Aires (EZE) on the last day, Sunday. November participants ONLY may also choose to fly out of Puerto Montt (PMC). 

We will provide shuttles to and from the airport. 

Packing & Prep

Coverage: Every country may have different requirements for entry that are subject to change. Stay up to date to make sure you have everything you need to travel. You may also consider travel insurance.

And remember - for group safety, all adventurers must have their COVID-19 vaccination. This will be required for check-in.

Packing List: These are fast-paced adventures. We'll send you a packing list before the trip to help you feel ready to tackle...well, just about anything!

NOTE: Patagonia is a protected region, please check all luggage restrictions before packing!

Training: If you want to train, we recommend working up to back-to-back trail runs with varied elevation gain. Our races are 7-12KM (~4-8 Miles) in length and we accommodate a 20min per mile trail pace (that's about a 16min mile on road).