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9 days, 6 races, and countless adventures





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Run with us at the end of the earth

Come as you are — solo, with a partner, or a friend. Our all-inclusive running adventures will let you touch, taste, and behold the End of The Earth in Argentina and Chile.

Daily trail runs through glacier fields and along rushing rivers challenge your inner explorer to dig deep and use all the senses to take it in.

With no planning on your end, the morning trail runs roll into afternoons of high adventure and laid-back cultural excursions. Discover what we have in store for you in Patagonia.

Quick Info:

  • Next Trips: November (sold out), February (sold out), and March (2023)

Trip Highlights:

Run with breathtaking views of Mount Fitz Roy

Trek at Glacier Perito Moreno

Ferry (and run) from Argentina to Chile

"Everyday is an adventure....all week long."

- 2022 Global Adventurer

Meet Your Host Region: Patagonia

Patagonia is a region of South America that spans across southern Argentina and Chile. It encompasses part of the Andes Mountains, and also features grasslands, deserts, and coastal areas. An outdoor enthusiast’s mecca, Patagonia is world famous for its incredible hiking trails and the ability to truly get lost in the rugged wilderness.

Exploring Patagonia with us, you'll discover impressive landscapes, a rich food culture, and outdoors adventures that push you outside your comfort zone.


Buenos Aires (Argentina) & Santiago (Chile)






59° / 47° in

November & March


Glaciers, dunes,

and peaks!


Lionel Messi (Argentina) & Pablo Neruda (Chile)

Los Glaciares National Park

Los Glaciares is home to the Perito Moreno glacier - a geological wonder that we'll trek together on our adventure. 

This is an opportunity for us all to get a deeper understanding of glaciers - how they grow and shift, what elements impact them, and more.

Asado de Campo

Argentina is known for it's mastery of roasted meats and you'll find some of the best traditionally prepared meals out in the countryside.

Runners have told us that this is as much a food adventure as it is a running adventure - so pack your stretchy pants and feast with us!

Puerto Varas, Chile

While most of our trip will be in Argentina, Patagonia includes some stunning landmarks in Chile, too. So why not visit both countries?

Depending on your trip dates, we'll start or finish your week of fun with some time in Chile. You'll see the towering Osorno Volcano and Petrohue waterfalls here to round out the experience.

The Global Adventures Experience

The Best Dang Team On The Planet

Tireless travel directors, local guides, trail runners, photography gurus, and staff medics...we're all here to make your experience one for the ages.

Adventures Built for YOU.

Group travel can be daunting, so we're proud to offer community-first adventures with smaller group sizes and inclusive team.

Whether you're flying solo or bringing your BFFs, there's a place here for everyone.

All of The Fun, None of The Work

We've done the hard parts for you. Once you book your trip, our expert team handles all the details. From mapping out scenic runs to finding the comfiest beds and local grub.

Plus, we take care of that boring stuff like local transportation and even laundry. 

All that's left is to book your flight and call in sick from work ;)

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