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Run with the Rising Sun

Next October, we'll lift the veil on a country with deep cultural roots, remarkable natural landscapes, and Jetson-like technologies.

Welcome to Japan! As of now, we don't quite know what this adventure will hold, and that's part of the magic! Follow along and be the first to know all the details when we announce them later this year.

While much is still in the air, some items stay the same for all Global Adventures:

  • Expected Trip: October 2023
  • 7-9 day all-inclusive trip
  • 6+ trail runs and hikes (7-12K)
  • Daily afternoon activities

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"...you're guaranteed to leave with tired legs and a full heart."

- 2022 Global Adventurer

Meet Your Host Country: Japan

At first, many of us associate Japan with next-gen technology and the neon landscape of mega-cities like Tokyo. However, Japan is also a natural wonderland with 34 national parks spread across its four main islands. As beloved for the snow-capped Mount Fuji as it is for serene forests and surfer-friendly beaches, there's no limit to what you can discover here.

A visit in October brings calm weather and the cultural significance of the harvest season! Outdoor excursions, harvest festivals, seasonal dishes, and arts and culture displays are in full force this time of year.








70° / 60° in



Lush forests and soaring mountains


2020 Summer Olympics, Nintendo, and so much more

Mount Fuji

At a height of 12,389 feet, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and one of its "Three Holy Mountains". 

It is will located outside of Tokyo and soars above an otherwise softly rolling landscape. This means you can see it from many angles and we're sure to catch a glimpse of the mountain whatever our trip holds in store!

Seasonal Harvests

No adventure is complete without a full stomach. Autumn in Japan means harvest time and the chance to indulge in seasonal items like Japanese sweet potatoes, wild mushrooms, and persimmons. 

We'll take every opportunity we can to sample the comforting dishes of fall with you.

Pictured: Sukiyaki, a style of beef hot-pot with mushrooms and tofu, served with egg for dipping.

Scouting the Trails

Our intrepid event director, Cherie, will be in Japan this fall! She'll work with local guides and runners to put together trail runs that highlight Japan's natural diversity.

You can expect dirt trails through dense forests, rolling hillsides, and around serene lakes. If we're lucky, you'll get to experience the vibrant fall foliage of Japanese maple trees as you run.

The Global Adventures Experience

The Best Dang Team On The Planet

Tireless travel directors, local guides, trail runners, photography gurus, and staff medics...we're all here to make your experience one for the ages.

Adventures Built for YOU.

Group travel can be daunting, so we're proud to offer community-first adventures with smaller group sizes and inclusive leadership.

Whether you're flying solo or bringing your BFFs, there's a place here for everyone.

All of The Fun, None of The Work

We've done the hard parts for you. Once you book your trip, our expert team handles all the details. From mapping out scenic runs to finding the comfiest beds and local grub.

Plus, we take care of that boring stuff like local transportation and even laundry. 

All that's left is to book your flight and call in sick from work ;)

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