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We're scouting a new destination for 2024!

We're scouting a new destination for 2024!



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Experience Life at the Equator!

Get ready to make your way through the middle of the world on foot as we explore Ecuador, a small South American country with fascinating history, wildly diverse landscapes and sights that are second to none.

You will test your lungs as we follow in the footsteps of the Incas, be delighted by the deep greens and array of other colors in the Amazon Rainforest and hopefully get joyful glimpses of the unique wildlife local to the Galapagos Islands like the giant land tortoises and blue-footed boobies.

From the Amazon to the Andes and the stunning natural beauty of the nearby Islands, this country is asking to be explored and we can't wait to show you around!

While much is still in the air, some items stay the same for all Global Adventures:

  • 6+ trail runs and hikes (7-12K)
  • Daily afternoon activities
  • Hotels, meals, and local transport included!
  • International flight not included
  • Covid-19 vaccination not required
  • Tentative Trip 1: March 30 - April 6, 2024
  • Tentative Trip 2: Nov 23 - Dec 1, 2024
  • 7 day all-inclusive trip in Ecuador
  • Option to add on a 4 day Galapagos experience

We love to listen to you!

If there are must-sees and do's on your Ecuador list - please let us know.

"'re guaranteed to leave with tired legs and a full heart."

- 2022 Global Adventurer

Meet Your Host Country: Ecuador

Known for its diverse landscapes, colorful culture, and endless Spring on the equator, Ecuador is a South American country that should be added to your bucket list. It is home to many notable points of interest from the towering Andes Mountains that surround the sprawling capital city of Quito to the lush Amazon Rainforest and the active Cotopaxi volcano!

There is no shortage of impressive places to explore here and with great weather year-round, the trails will be temperate and perfect for trekking. 






US Dollar


55 °F (mountains) 85 °F (rainforest)


Andean peaks and Amazonian rainforest


Abundant biodiversity

Color & Tradition in the Andes

The Andean valley that surrounds Quito is home to important indigenous cultures and historic sites, such as the Inca Trail and Cochasquí archaeological ruins. From pyramids to craft markets, there is much to discover in Ecuador.

Our trek through the Andes will allow us to soak in this rich history and witness indigenous traditions first-hand.

The Legacy of the Galapagos

The many islands of the Galapagos have become famous for their complex and evolving ecosystem of turtles, blue-footed boobies, seals, iguana, and more. Located miles off the Ecuadorian coast, the islands include a prolific Marine Reserve that is now a recognized Natural Heritage Site.

The Galapagos are best experienced in smaller groups, so we plan to offer these islands as an optional 4 day add-on for our nature lovers!

The Global Adventures Experience

The Best Dang Team On The Planet

Tireless travel directors, local guides, trail runners, photography gurus, and staff medics...we're all here to make your experience one for the ages.

Adventures Built for YOU.

Group travel can be daunting, so we're proud to offer community-first adventures with smaller group sizes and inclusive leadership.

Whether you're flying solo or bringing your BFFs, there's a place here for everyone.

All of The Fun, None of The Work

We've done the hard parts for you. Once you book your trip, our expert team handles all the details. From mapping out scenic runs to finding the comfiest beds and local grub.

Plus, we take care of that boring stuff like local transportation and even laundry. 

All that's left is to book your flight and call in sick from work ;)

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