Costa Rica Global Adventure

  • Location: Various
  • Dates: Various
  • Terrain: Trails, Beaches, Some Mud
  • Difficulty:

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3 trips planned for 2021!

TBD July/Aug. 2021

Central Region, Costa Rica

TBD July/Aug. 2021

Central Region, Costa Rica

Sep. 4-12, 2021

Guanacaste Region, Costa Rica


What to expect on the trip?

Every day we will take you on a trail run through the varied terrain of Costa Rica. All runs will be around 5-10k in length and have some elevation gain. We use the term “trail run” loosely here, as lots of the time you will be hiking because it’s uphill, or because you just want to slow down and take in the scenery.

After our runs each day, we will eat lunch together, followed by either free time in the afternoon or another adventure such as whitewater rafting or a zip line tour. We’ll end the day with dinner and more relaxing.

Each trip will be limited to 100 adventurers

Trip Dates

TBA July/Aug., 2021
TBA July/Aug., 2021
September 4th-12th, 2021

Note: The itinerary and information listed below coordinates with the location based in Central Costa Rica (July/Aug. trips). The September trip will take place in and around the Guanacaste province. It's an all new experience you are going to love! We will update the website with details of the September 2021 trip as soon as possible.

Trip Meeting Time: Arrive at the San Jose Airport by 4:00 pm on Saturday. From the airport you can take either take the airport shuttle or a taxi to our accommodations for the first night.

Trip Departure Time: We will depart from Punta Leona on Sunday morning after breakfast. We will be in San Jose by noon. You can depart from the airport after 2pm on Sunday. If you make travel plans to depart on Saturday we can help provide transportation back to San Jose earlier.

What's included?

This is an all-inclusive adventure! That means that ALL the details of planning your trip are taken care of for you by Vacation Races including:

  • Hotels
  • transportation within Costa Rica
  • Park fees
  • Most meals
  • Fees for other activities included in the itinerary

Also, SWAG!

Vacation Races always treats you right, but Global Adventures takes it up a notch.

Apart from the awesome medal you'll get at the end of the week, you'll also get some great high quality gear and souvenirs that you'll cherish for years to come.

What's not included?

The main thing not included is your airfare to and from San Jose, Costa Rica. All of your meals will be covered except for two dinners and one lunch, where you’ll get to explore the culinary options of Costa Rica on your own. Apart from that, the only thing you would be expected to cover is any souvenirs or additional food or drink.


Day 1

Arrive in San Jose, CR

You’ll arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica by Saturday afternoon and either take a taxi or airport shuttle to our hotel for the first night.

We’ll check you in and get everyone oriented for what to expect throughout the week, as well as it's your first chance to meet your fellow adventurers! Dinner is included the first night.

Day 2

Sueno Azul Waterfall Run

Terrain: Trail
Distance: ~5k
Elevation gain: ~465 ft
Course Layout: Point-to-point

We’ll wake up early and head straight to our first run of the week, which is a great introduction to Costa Rica. We’ll get you right into the jungle trails and have you finishing at a beautiful waterfall where you can take a dip in several different pools.

We’ll eat a catered lunch at the waterfall before heading to our hotel to check in. In the evening you'll be treated to a cultural presentation in Pozo Azul where we will also enjoy a delicious Costa Rican meal.

Day 3

Sarapiqui Countryside Run & Rafting

Terrain: Trail
Distance: ~9.5k
Elevation gain: ~511 ft
Course Layout: Point-to-point

Today is a day of contrasts.

After breakfast, we’ll head to our run for the day which will take you through 3 distinct areas.

First we’ll run through the countryside houses around Chilamate, after which we’ll get more remote as we get off the beaten path running through fields greener than you can imagine.

The run then heads back into the rainforest canopy before finishing at the Sarapiqui River where we’ll relax and have a catered lunch. 

After lunch it’s river rafting time! Seeing the jungle from the water adds an entirely different element to your experience. For those who don’t want to go rafting, we’ll have some expert bird watching guides that can take you out to point out some of the local birds in the area.

We’ll end the day with dinner back at the restaurant at our hotel. 

Day 4

Laguna Hule Run & La Fortuna Waterfall Swim

Terrain: Trail
Distance: ~8k
Elevation Gain: ~1,184 ft
Course Layout: Figure 8 loop

While every day in Costa Rica is a chance to see incredible wildlife, today is possibly the best!

Our run will take you around dormant volcano craters that have filled up with water and are now lagoons. When we scouted this trail we saw so much wildlife- Howler Monkeys, White Faced Capuchins, Coatis, Toucans, etc.

After our run we’ll finish our drive for the day to the area of La Fortuna where we will eat lunch and then take you to the magnificent La Fortuna Waterfall, which is what all other jungle waterfalls aspire to be.

For Dinner, you are free to explore La Fortuna tonight with your new best friends from the trip.

We will be staying at our wonderful resort for 2 nights (don’t miss the butterfly garden).

Day 5

Arenal Volcano Run & Canopy Zip line

Terrain: Trail
Distance: ~7.2k
Elevation Gain: ~696 ft
Course Layout: Loop

Have you ever run on an active volcano before? Because today will be your chance to do it!

Our trail name today is called the 1968 trail, because that was the year that the Arenal Volcano roared to life and began erupting again (the last eruption was in 2010, so we should be ok on our run).

The run will take you through black lava fields which contrast spectacularly with the lime green vegetation. Keep an eye out for leaf cutter ants on the trail as you run and you’ll probably spot a long line of these little bodybuilders carrying leaves back to their nest, just like you’ve seen on National Geographic.

After our run and lunch in La Fortuna, you’ll have the option of doing a canopy zipline tour (with a 1 mile long section!), or just hang out in town or go to the hot springs near our hotel.

Dinner tonight is at a fabulous restaurant in La Fortuna.

Day 6

Madre Verde Run & Jaco Beach

Terrain: Trail
Distance: ~7.7k
Elevation Gain: 914 ft
Course Layout: Loop

Today we make our way from the inland rainforest to the arid Pacific coast and beaches. Our run will take you through most of the trail of the preserve, all singletrack inside the forest and then go out and finish running through coffee plantations with breathtaking views of the whole area. It can be a bit steep in some points, but worth the challenge and effort.

Lunch will be catered after the run after which we’ll finish our drive down to Punta Leona, the beach side resort where we will be for the next two nights (make sure to look up in the canopy of our resort for the Scarlet Macaws!).

Dinner will be on your own as you explore the laid-back beach town of Jaco.

Day 7

Guacalillo Cliffs Run & Playa Blanca (White Beach)

Terrain: Trail
Distance: ~8.5k
Elevation Gain: ~282 ft
Course Layout: Point-to-point

Our final run of the trip! We'll wake up early because our run will take you through very different terrain than you have seen so far on our trip. We will finish our run along two sets of cliffs overlooking the ocean as we take in everything that Costa Rica has offered us over the past week.

After the run, we’ll have some snacks before we head out to have some fun with our last activity, outrigger canoeing! This adventure includes lunch on a private island. 

We’ll head back to the hotel where you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy the beach and ocean; go snorkeling in the turquoise water or just hang out on the beach and relax.

Tonight we'll have our closing ceremonies for the trip where we look back on the memories we’ve made with new and old friends alike. (Also, optional karaoke.) 

Day 8

Morning Beach Time 

We’ll spend a lazy morning at the end of our trip eating breakfast, lounging around the pool, and soaking in the warm sun on the beach. You can go exploring in Jaco and get some last minute Costa Rica snacks or ice cream at Pops. There is even a rumor that the race director will take you surfing. (We’re not sure if this rumor is true, only the ocean knows for sure).

We’ll spend a lazy morning at the end of our trip eating breakfast, lounging around the pool, and soaking in the warm sun on the beach before heading back to San Jose around mid-day. Once we arrive back in San Jose in the afternoon, we’ll check into our hotel and you’ll be free to go explore San Jose for dinner.

Day 9

Return to San Jose

All good things must come to an end, until the next adventure that is! We will depart from our hotel and head towards San Jose.

You're welcome to make an additional reservation at a hotel in San Jose, or make travel arrangements to depart this day.

Beautifully challenging course

Fun race, beautifully challenging course on an ideal day for running. The finish area on the East Glacier Hotel lawn was great. Well done to all organizers and volunteers.

Kerry Green
Glacier Half Marathon Runner


Pricing and Deposit

$2,950 includes everything mentioned in the itinerary. Deposit of $500 is due at registration, after which the remaining $2,450 balance will be billed to you 6 months prior to the trip departure. Once the event is 6 months out, all remaining balance is due.

Based on Double Occupancy

This pricing is based on double occupancy of all hotel rooms. If you register with a partner, you will be able to stay with them. If you register as solo adventurer, we will pair you with someone else of the same gender in a hotel room.

Single Occupancy Pricing

If you prefer to have your hotel room to yourself, the cost will be $750 extra ($3,700 total) to cover the additional hotel expense.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

The deposit of $500 is refundable up to 6 months prior to the event. Within 6 months of the event, the deposit is non-refundable unless we are able to transfer your registration to another participant.

The remaining balance of $2,450 is due 6 months prior to the event. If you choose to cancel within 6 months of the event, there are 2 options available to you.

Option 1: Transfer your registration to another participant if you are able to find someone willing to take your place.
Option 2: Receive a refund. If you choose to receive a refund within 6 months of the event there will be a hotel fee of $750 applied, which covers the cost of the hotel where we must guarantee rooms. 

Stunningly well organized race experience. Everything about the day was just beautiful and well executed. So inspirational and fun, I would like to come work for you. Of course, it didn't hurt that I won my age group so my opinion might be slightly biased. ;)

Derek J Brouwer II
Yellowstone Half Marathon Runner


How difficult are the runs and hikes? How good of shape do I need to be in?

Do I have to run every day?

Are there aid stations?

What other adventures will we be doing?

Are there any discounts available to Global Adventures?

Are there options for a partner that doesn’t want to run?

What will the weather be like in Costa Rica?

What are the accommodations like?

What about Vegan and Vegetarian food options?

How much free time will we have?

How much money should I expect to spend?

Are there any age restrictions?

What about animals on the trails?

Additional tips from previous runners

Questions or Comments

  • Terri says:

    Is there any special consideration of deferment or refund policy given the Corona virus dilemma?

  • Yvette Rangel says:

    How do we access all the pictures the race crew took? I keep going to and there are only pictures uploaded from a few people on the trip.

    • Ryan Jenkins says:

      Yvette, any images in that album labeled with Salem Stanley’s name in the corner are from the photographers. There may be some additional photos added (I think the photographers just sent some new stuff over to us yesterday) but there are a few hundred in that folder.

  • Michael Hoffman says:

    The trip just completed, and I’m sad to be home! My mind will be reeling for months over how the Vacation Races staff was able to pull off such an amazing (“Super Awesome”) event! Runs in the jungle, in the mud, on the beach. Tons of post-race activities. Great food. And even when everything didn’t go as planned, they had Plan B’s at the ready and made it all seem easy. Cannot wait to do my next one!

    • Cherie Santiago says:

      Coming home and back to the real world is always hard after an adventure. Glad you were able to join us Michael.

  • Johan says:

    Runner from Sweden here. I doing my second Grand Circle Trailfest i a couple of weeks and i love that you are expanding with Global adventueres. I would love to do the Costa Rica trip but right now my wallet tells me no. Do you know if Costa Rica will comeback in 2021?


  • ANGELA BROWN says:


  • Michael says:

    Is the $2900 per person, or is that the cost for a couple?

  • ANNE says:

    Hi I am registered and my husband also for the 2nd Costa Rica trip we have put the $1000 down I can’t remember if the rest comes out automatically on the 28th of August or do I submit the payment myself? Anne Langstaff/ Bill Schreiber. Thanks

    • Salem Stanley says:

      The system will automatically charge the card you registered with on the 28th. If it fails, we will contact you to figure out the payment.

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