Charity Bibs

We’re excited to give our runners a unique option to register for our races: Charity Bibs!

You raise money for a charity and as a thank you, we waive your race entry fee. We work with charities such as The Wander Project, NavajoYES, the National Park Foundation, and more! 

100% of the money raised will go to a charity that benefits each individual park! Once you sign up for a charity bib you’re committed to raising all of the agreed upon total, so please do not take this lightly.

How it works:

During registration select the Charity Bib option under the "Choose your event" section when signing up for a race. Please understand that this is a serious commitment, and have the obligation to raise the minimum amount (or pay the difference) before the race. You have until the week of the race to get donations from friends, family, or however to spread the word. You’ll be provided a link to share where individuals can donate and contribute to your fundraiser. By race week, if you haven't raised the full amount, we will send an invoice for the remaining amount and it will need to be paid prior to picking up your bib. So, for example, if you sign up for a half marathon charity bib and you raise $900 by race day, you will be sent an invoice for $100. If you raise exactly or more than the goal, you will not be sent an invoice.

Charity Bibs are available for each event. Depending on distance, different minimum fundraising amounts are required. For example- to sign up with a Charity Bib for the Joshua Tree Half Marathon requires a minimum of $1,000 to be raised. Whereas signing up for a Charity bib for the Zion Ultras 100 Mile distance requires a minimum of $2,000 to be raised. 

Half Marathon

Double Event
(Half Marathon + 5K)


Double Event
(2x Half Marathons)

50 Miler


100 Miler






This may seem intimidating, but we've seen fantastic success from those who have raised money for the parks, and many people are able to hit their goal in a very short amount of time. 

We’re excited about this opportunity to raise additional money for these charities and we truly appreciate everyone who donates to do some more good for the parks!

Every bit helps!

Want to help out, but can't commit to a Charity Bib? Even those signing up using a standard registration method can donate to a charity, or they can choose to donate directly to those with a Charity Bib for that specific event! Existing fundraisers will be visible on the registration page. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! 

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