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We Will Do Better.

Hi Everyone,While many of us were working at our event this weekend in Bryce Canyon, we were paying attention to what was happening in Minnesota and around the country. Since we have been back in the office, we have been working on some kind of a statement in hopes of adequately articulating how we feel […]

2019 Grand Circle Trailfest Race Guide

The Grand Circle Trailfest returns for a fourth year! On behalf of the entire staff of this annual event, we hope you enjoy the awesome trails, stunning views, wonderful food, music, entertainment, and films! This year’s grand party attracted runners from 43 states and 14 countries, including: Argentina Australia Brazil Canada El Salvador France Great […]

Charity Bibs

Each year, we reserve these special charity bibs for people looking to help fundraise for the parks. Please note that registering for a charity bib is a serious commitment. To get one of the charity bibs you will need to raise $1000 or more (see donation goals for the multi-race bibs below). 100% of the […]

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