2018 Zion Half Marathon Race Guide Now Available

Image of 2018 Zion Half Marathon Race Guide

The 2018 Zion Half Marathon is coming up very quickly. Here are a couple of interesting facts about it. 1 runner is coming from Norway! 39 people are running under charity bibs and raising money for our beautiful National Parks. 98 runners are coming from Las Vegas, NV… more than any other single city. There […]

2018 Sponsor: Aetna

We’ve partnered with Aetna in the past and we’re happy to share that we’re continuing that relationship in 2018. They’ve been a great partner to us helping helping our customers to make positive changes in their lives. Next time you’re at a race expo, drop by their booth and tell them thanks for supporting Vacation […]

2018 Zion Ultras Race Guide Now Available

The 2018 Zion Ultras will include runners from the United States (of course) there will also be runners from 13 other countries including: Australia Germany Brazil France Japan Lao People’s Democratic Republic Mexico Bermuda Spain United Kingdom New Zealand That’s amazing! We’re so excited to share this incredible part of the world with everyone. Here’s […]

Hogan Building Project (Updated)

Join us for a unique and hands-on opportunity to learn Navajo tradition by volunteering to help out at a hogan building project on the Navajo Reservation just outside of Page, Arizona on April 23rd & 24th. Join us either or both days (Monday/Tuesday). Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. As a gesture of […]

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