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Zion Ponderosa Race Dinners

You have lots of options when it comes to your pre-race and post-race meals for the Zion Half. We wanted to make sure you knew about the dinners that Zion Ponderosa Ranch is hosting at the Lodge during race weekend! These dinners are not only for runners, but also for any family and friends you […]

Vacation Races Campground

The most convenient (and fun) place to stay at the race will be the Vacation Races Campground, which we’ll set up by the start line at Zion Ponderosa! The campground will be available Thursday through Sunday (Mar 30-April 2) and it costs $50 to reserve your spot. If you don’t have a tent, then you […]

Charity Bibs

We’ve set aside special Grand Canyon Half and Coyote Double Charity Bibs for people looking to help fundraise for the parks. Please note that registering for a charity bib is a serious commitment. To get one of the charity bibs you will need to raise $1000 or more (see donation goals for the multi-race bibs […]

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