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Why Don’t You Have Waitlists?

We often get asked why we don’t offer a waitlist for the races that sell out. We usually get asked that the week after a race sells out by people who didn’t sign up in time. Here is how we see it. We are open to change if we need to. We basically see two options: Option […]

2018 Zion Ultra Changes

We made some changes to the 2018 Zion Ultras course and wanted to make sure people know what those changes are and why we made them. The changes come primarily because of two things: We felt like we needed to move the start/finish line. Flying Monkey is too crowded. Let’s start with #1. For the […]

Vacation Races Holiday Merchandise Deals

The Holidays are finally here and it’s time to start finding gifts for your loved ones! We have the perfect gift for the runners in your life. This year, we’re excited to be offering registration gift cards for our races! Plus, starting today, we’re kicking off our Holiday race credit rewards with 5 days of […]

Bringing Back the Antelope 100

Earlier this year we decided that we wanted to bring back the Antelope Canyon 100 mile race. The 50 miler and 50k have become super popular the last couple years, and we thought it was time to see if we could get enough people to run the 100. We initially were going to require 200 […]

Thanksgiving Giveaway

Happy thanksgiving everyone! There’s so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving but we want to specifically highlight 2 things:Our beautiful National Parks. Visiting them has truly changed our lives.Our amazing runners. Together, you’ve donated over $500,000 to the National Parks. Your selflessness is inspiring.To show our gratitude, we’re doing a little Thanksgiving giveaway and […]