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Camping: The Great Escape

Even if you’re not usually into travel or the outdoors (I mean, you’re reading this so you probably are, but I digress), camping has likely been on your mind since the COVID-19 crisis began. Based on what we know about the virus, it seems that camping could be a way to get away from home […]

2020 Rocky Mountain Half Marathon Race Guide

The official race guide for the 2020 Rocky Mountain Half Marathon & 5K is here! Get all the info you want about the event schedule, where to go, and what to expect on the course. >>VIEW THE RACE GUIDE You can now listen to an audio version of the race guide with announcer Colleen Rue and […]

We Will Do Better.

Hi Everyone,While many of us were working at our event this weekend in Bryce Canyon, we were paying attention to what was happening in Minnesota and around the country. Since we have been back in the office, we have been working on some kind of a statement in hopes of adequately articulating how we feel […]

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