August 23

2021 Mount Rushmore Half Marathon Race Guide


When you get to Keystone, SD, you'll be welcomed with western hospitality and understated grandeur that make the Black Hills so alluring. If your coming from a busy life, this is your time to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Before or after your race, take the time to explore the area's wildlife parks, the Crazy Horse Memorial, or drive over to Wyoming to visit Devils Tower. There are lots of state park options in the area, so you should be at no shortage of things to do.

As you consider these different activities, we want to share the 2021 Mount Rushmore Half Marathon Race Guide with you. It covers everything you need to know for race weekend: from bib pick-up, to race-day parking, to hikes you can complete afterward. Go ahead and read the Race Guide. After you read it you can also listen to an audio version of the Race Guide on our Vacation Races and Friends podcast! Give it a listen!

When you read the Race Guide, please pay special attention to the following pages:

  • Page 2: full event schedule
  • Pages 2-3: Bib Pick-up
  • Pages 4-5: Half Marathon race details
  • Page 6: Parking & shuttle information

Toward the end of the guide, we share how you can participate in the Explorer Club to get suggestions on what to see and do while you're in the area. When you complete the Explorer Club challenge you earn a special badge (in addition to your race medal) for completing it! Learn more here.

"The Hills That are Black"

Before Borglum carved the faces of four U.S Presidents on them, the Black Hills area was inhabited by tribes such as the Shoshone, Salish, Kootenai Crow, Mandan, and Arikara. In the 18th century, the Lakota drove out the other tribes and claimed the area for themselves. The Black Hills were reserved for the Lakota (also known as the Teton Sioux) in the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie. But the discovery of gold in the region prompted U.S. prospectors to soon overrun the area, and the government began forcing the Sioux to give up their claims on the

The area was sacred to the Lakota, calling it “The Heart of Everything That Is.” They also called the area “Paha Sapa” which translated means “hills that are black”.

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2021 Mount Rushmore Half Marathon Race Guide

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