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2021 Bryce Canyon Ultras Race Guide (Podcast – Episode 22)


As you go through your final preparations, please take some time to review the race guide. The answers to every common question we get at the race is found in here. Please read it. We will share how to get your bib, where to get it, what aid stations we will have on course, and where you can have pacers and crew join you on the course.

We also recorded an audio version of the race guide that you can listen to at any time. We think it's great to listen to as you travel to the race. You can listen to the audio version on our Vacation Races & Friends podcast. Just search for "2021 Bryce Ultras Race Guide" and it should appear. We also included a YouTube link at the end of this blog.

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Hoodoo you know here?

The hoodos, tall uneven pillars of stone, are one of the most recognizable sights at Bryce Canyon. Formed over millennia of erosion, the hoodos were just as recognizable to the Paiute Indians who inhabited the surrounding area in 1200 A.D. In 1936, a Paiute elder told the legend of the To-when-an-ung-wa, or Legend People, to a park naturalist. According to the legend, the Bryce Canyon area was long ago inhabited by the powerful To-when-an-ung-wa. 

Some versions of the story say that the To-when-an-ung-wa were too greedy with the land, and so the trickster god Coyote turned them into stone. In this legend, the hoodos we see today are the Legend People - some standing alone, others holding hands or interacting with each other.

You can hear more about the legend from the Chief of Interpretation at Bryce Canyon, Kevin Poe. Learn from Kevin.


Bryce Canyon

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Hard Questions
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