March 17

2021 Saguaro Half Marathon Race Guide (Podcast – Episode 19)


You guys, it has been quite the adventure to get here, hasn't it? But, we are finally here and the Race Guide and podcast are available for you to read and listen. Please make sure you read the Race Guide in its entirety because we cover every major question that we get regarding our races. Because this is a two day event, there is going to be more information than normal in the guide. The full event schedule is available on the front page and on page 2. Other important pages to review are: 

  • page 3: staggered start wave schedule for Saturday and Sunday
  • page 4 & 5: race day details, from aid station amenities, to COVID guidelines, to parking
  • page 6: race staging

Toward the end of the guide, we share some great information on what to do while you're in the area. We are once again offering our Explorer Club experience at this event which is a great way to visit local eateries, complete hikes, and learn about Saguaro's history — and earn a special badge for doing so!

SAG H 21 Race Guide

2021 Saguaro Half Marathon Race Guide

On race day, you may notice some people with different markings on their bib. If you look at the special indication area of the bib, you may see our Wander Project logo (that tiny teal circle in the top right corner), they are running as part of our Charity Bib Program. To support our great charity partners, check out page 12. 

SAG H 21 Bib


  • For 15% of you, this is your first half marathon. We're glad you're part of this inaugural event!
  • For more than half of you, this is your first time visiting Saguaro National Park; you'll love it!
  • You're a creative bunch; check out some of the team names on page 8.


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