March 10

2021 Zion Ultras Race Guide


Heck yeah, the 2021 Zion Ultras Race Guide is here! This guide answers all of the common questions we get regarding the race, so please read it! You should have received your race guide in your email too. As a runner, we will also send out information via email in the weeks leading up to the race. These emails will include information on weather, aid stations, travel, and more. Again, a lot of this information is covered in the race guide, so please read it. At the end of this post, we have also included an audio version of the race guide. 

A few things we'd like to highlight: You can find the Event Schedule for the entire race weekend on page 2 and bib pick-up information on page 3. We have organized the guide by distance, so be sure to read your specific distance. Use these markers below to jump to your distance:

  • 100 Mile - page 4
  • 100 k - page 8
  • 50 k - page 12
  • Half Marathon - page 14

2021 Zion Ultras Race Guide

Fun Facts

  • We’ll have runners in attendance from 10 countries and 49 of the United States!
  • 53% of you will be visiting Zion National Park for the first time!
  • 65% of you will be participating in your first Vacation Races event – THANK YOU!
  • This will be the first 100 mile race for 48% of you! Holy cow!
  • This will be the first 100K race for 60% of you!
  • This will be the first 50K race for 58% of you!
  • This will be the first half marathon for 24% of you!

Finally, while you're in Zion, stay for a while! Toward the end of the guide, we've pulled together some of the best and most popular sights to explore while visiting Zion. From scenic hikes to mouth-watering eats, it's all in there! Though after running these distances, we totally understand if hiking isn't on your agenda. Maybe a tasty lunch instead!

Want to listen to the race guide as well? You can! Follow the video below to catch up on any important updates. 


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