February 5

2021 Zion Half Marathon Race Guide (Podcast – Episode 18)


Wow! It's hard to believe it's been a full year since our last race at Zion. We're so thankful you are able to join us this year. To get you ready for the start line, we're sharing the official Zion Half Marathon Race Guide with you. Inside, you'll find the answers to pretty much every question we get asked, so please take a few minutes and give it a read.

A few things we'd like to highlight: You can find the Event Schedule for the entire race weekend on the front page and page 2. The course map with aid station information is on page 5, and race parking and transportation information is on page 6.

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2021 Zion Half Marathon Race Guide

On race day, you may notice some people with different markings on their bib. If you look at the special indication area of the bib, you may see our Wander Project logo (that tiny teal circle in the top right corner), they are running as part of our Charity Bib Program. To support our great charity partners, check out page 12. 

A photo of a running bib for Zion Half Marathon with the number "1001" printed on it. Around the bib are descriptions of what various symbols and numbers represent on the bib.

Finally, while you're in Zion, stay for a while! Toward the end of the guide, we've pulled together some of the best and most popular sights to explore while visiting Zion. From scenic hikes to mouth-watering eats, it's all in there! 


  • For 25% of you, this is your first half marathon. What a great race to start with!
  • For more than half of you, this is your first time visiting Zion National Park; you'll love it!
  • You're a creative bunch; check out some of the team names on page 8.
  • Our largest age group for males is 25-29 years-old!
  • Our largest age group for females is also 25-29 years-old! 


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Hard Questions

Hard Questions
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