January 13

Iceland Global Adventure – An Update About COVID-19


We hope you are all safe and healthy.

No big updates, but we wanted to start the year off with a status update. We’ve been tracking predictions and reports from trusted sources, in the US and Iceland. We’re also taking into consideration stay at home orders issued in states where you live. Right now, we are not altering our Iceland plans in any way. We’re feeling pretty optimistic but are still cautious. 

Here are 3 things that we know:

  1. Most predictions we have seen are forecasting that by the middle - end of April the threat of Covid-19 will be greatly reduced within the US. If real life follows these predictions, we’ll be in great shape to travel together! This is what we are hoping for.
  2. Right now travel to Iceland is restricted and we don’t know when it will be lifted 100%, we know it is slowly lifting but travel to Iceland from the States is still not currently recommended. As of today’s update US citizens are still not permitted to enter Iceland (at least for our traveling purpose). Icelandic officials will be making decisions on opening tourism up in the next few months, but as we know anything can change. According to our local contacts, they are feeling very optimistic that borders will be open and travel will be possible as soon as March.
  3. Things change really quickly! We are basing our predictions on these estimates, but know that this information will continue to change and be updated.

Although we have been able to hold off on paying several deposits already, our remaining vendors are allowing us to delay payments until the beginning of May. This means we can hold off any cancelling decisions, which we think will work in everyone’s favor. We are basically in a wait and see situation. The only extra cost is patience.

60 days out from the trip is typically when we advise to purchase tickets for travel, which for Iceland will be the beginning of April. Airlines are being very generous with their cancellations and credits. 

We know not everyone will be comfortable with this wait-and-see plan. If you are uncomfortable with this, please send me an email and we can discuss your options. 

Watch for additional emails and updates on our Global Adventures Facebook page. Thank you for your patience and support.

Cherie Santiago


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