March 5

Continual Updates about the COVID-19 Outbreak and our 2020 Race Season


Editors Note: As of March 16, 2020 the body of this post has been edited and updated with the most up-to-date information. You can view additional updates and resources at the bottom of the post.

We have an update for you regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and our race season this year. Unfortunately, due to escalating conditions surrounding the coronavirus, the 2020 Zion Ultras is officially canceled. All registered runners should have received an email earlier today detailing their options. If you’re registered for the 2020 Zion Ultras and didn’t receive this email, please contact Robin at, and she’ll make sure you get it.

I’m registered for a different race this year. What does this mean for me?

With things continuing to change daily, we are taking each race on a case by case basis until the outbreak is resolved. Aside from the 2020 Zion Ultras, no other races have officially been cancelled. However, we have landed on a schedule for making a final decision one way or the other.

We figure most people have a 30 day window to receive full or partial refunds on lodging and other travel expenses. Because of this, we will make our official decision to hold or cancel each race on the corresponding dates below, roughly 35 days before the event. All registered runners will receive communications outlining their options at that time. Until then, assume the race is on unless you’ve heard differently from us. 

*These are the dates by which we will decide if the race will have to be canceled:

  • Yosemite Half Marathon - April 6
  • Bryce Canyon Ultras - April 27
  • Grand Teton Half Marathon - May 4
  • Yellowstone Half Marathon - May 11
  • Glacier Half Marathon - May 25

For all events after the Glacier Half Marathon, it’s simply too early to say. However, right now we plan to make our final decision ~35 days before each race.

What does this mean for the 2021 race season?

We will be opening registration for our 2021 race season just as we do every year. While we are doing our part to follow health and safety recommendations and contain the spread of COVID-19, our plan is still to bet against the apocalypse. 🙂We expect to still be here in 2021. We plan to make some adjustments in the short term, but are looking forward to a return to normalcy as soon as possible. We have extended some of our price jumps, and will continue to adjust those and communicate to you as needed.

If you have questions you can also reach out to us at We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and emails, but are working our hardest to get back to you in a timely manner. I promise we will respond, please be patient. It will probably be 2 or 3 days to get a response.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We will see you out there!

-VR Team

3/11 UPDATE: For those interested there is an up-to-date website that only shares facts on the spread of coronavirus. View the website here.

3/12 UPDATE: Salem, founder of Vacation Races, went on Facebook Live to discuss COVID-19.

3/12 UPDATE: We will be waiving any deferment or transfer fees during the outbreak. We will be automatically refunding these deferment and transfer fees for anyone who has already paid them. We should have done that from the beginning and we're sorry for the oversight!

3/15 UPDATE: We are extending our price jumps for the Grand Teton Half Marathon, Yellowstone Half Marathon, and Grand Circle Trailfest for 3 weeks. At that point we will reevaluate and send communications.

3/16 UPDATE: Gathering restrictions and escalating conditions have made it necessary to cancel the Zion Ultras. Please visit this page for details about Zion and other upcoming events. 


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Hard Questions

Hard Questions
    • Hi Carlos – Trailfest is still on! It might look a little different this year due to some restrictions but we feel pretty confident that we can hold the event to some extent. We’ll let our runners know as soon as possible if anything changes.

  • Any clarifications about deferment of a race enrollment? 4 in my family are signed up for races in Smokey Mts- tomorrow is the cut off for cancellation, but if we wait to defer up to race day – can it be for Smokey’s next year? Any extra costs? What if it cancels- is deferment then still allowed or money lost as no refunds? Confused and hoping for clarity not given in email. Also, only one of four of us received the email about cancel/deferment

    • Hi Sherry – Sorry for the confusion. You can defer your registrations to next year’s race at any point. If the race has to be canceled you will have the option to defer to next year’s race or any other race, as well as run it virtually. There are no extra costs for any of these options.

  • Any updates on Rocky Mountain race? Is it still on schedule to happen? Will the race be considered phase 4 opening of state?

    • Hi Anthony – We are going forward with plans and preparations for this event but we know that nothing is absolutely certain in today’s environment. We feel confident that we can abide by restrictions and guidelines as long as the local agencies permit us to hold the event. We will know more and will make the final decision about 35 days prior to the event and will let our runners know if anything changes.

  • Hey there! Looks like we’re nearing the end of the day here on the 27th. Is there perhaps an update for Bryce? Appreciate you guys for all your doing in coordinating races and weighing the current state of things. Should we be on the look out tomorrow (or another day) for an update?

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