2018 Joshua Tree Half Marathon Race Guide Now Available

Joshua Tree Half Marathon Night Race Guide

The 2018 Joshua Tree Half Marathon Race Guide is here! We’ve put together this handy race guide with everything you need to know to have an awesome event weekend.

But first some…

Interesting Facts

  • We’ll have runners in attendance from 45 states!
  • 5 countries will be represented including USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic!
  • 53% of you will be visiting Joshua Tree for the first time!
  • Over 900 people will be running their first half marathon at this event!!

Race Guide

In the race guide you’ll find

  • the schedule
  • directions to each course
  • photos of available merchandise
  • and probably the answer to any other question you may have.

Take some time to read the guide and get ready for your trip to Joshua Tree! (Open the race guide in a new tab.)

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