Mt. Rushmore Updates

We’ve got a few logistical updates for anyone at the Mt. Rushmore Half Marathon this weekend.

Update #1: Driving to the Race Expo / Finish Line

The race expo and finish line will be located at Ghost Canyon Dude Ranch. If you’re using Google Maps or Apple Maps to navigate there they’ll likely want you to take a private road. Use this link instead.

Instead of turning at Oak Meadows Rd. continue on Playhouse Rd. until you get to Ghost Canyon Rd. and take a left. Follow that until you get to the ranch.

Recommended route to the Ghost Canyon Dude Ranch

Update #2: Parking & Shuttles

Parking in Keystone is a bit limited. There is parking available at the finish line before the race, starting at 4:30am. If you park there you can take the free shuttle to the starting line. The last shuttle leaves at 5:30am. There are no in-town shuttles in Keystone. If you’re staying in Keystone, leave your car where it is and walk to the start line.

We will allow spectators in Keystone to ride the shuttle to the finish line. To catch the shuttle go to the shuttle stop in front of the Ramada between 6:30 and 8:30.

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  • Julie says:

    I have heard photos are out but have not received an e-mail. Is there a link?

  • Laura says:

    Where do we go to get the results of the race?

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