August 30

Inaugural Mt. Rushmore Half Marathon Race Guide Now Available


The Inaugural Mt. Rushmore Half Marathon is almost here! Who’s join us?

Here’s a handy race guide with everything you need to know to have an awesome race weekend. But first… some interesting facts.

Interesting Facts

  • Surprisingly, South Dakota is NOT the main home state for runners coming to the Mt. Rushmore Half Marathon. That title is held by California! (Way to go Cali!) South Dakota comes in second place followed by Colorado.
  • A few states are tied for last place including South Carolina, Vermont, Louisiana, and Maine
  • 233 members of the military and their families will run the half marathon!

Race Guide

Alright, here’s the race guide. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about:

  • the race weekend schedule
  • directions to the start/finish lines
  • parking info
  • club hike and trifecta info
  • and probably the answers to any other question you have

Take some time to read the guide and get ready for your trip to the Rockies! (Open the race guide in a new tab.)


race guide

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