2018 Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon & 5K Race Guide Now Available

2018 Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon Race Guide

Who’s pumped for the 2018 Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon & 5K?!

As usual, we’ve put together a handy race guide with everything you need to know to have an awesome race weekend in the Smokies.

But first… some interesting facts.

Interesting Facts

  • The registrant traveling the furthest this year is coming from Norway <img draggable=” />
  • Of course there are a lot of runners coming from Tennessee, but the 2nd most common home state is… Florida <img draggable=” />
  • A few states are tied for last place including: North Dakota, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, New Mexico, and Rhode Island. (C’mon North Dakota, you can do better than that!)
  • There will be twice as many women than men at this race! <img draggable=” />
  • There will be 9 people under 18 years old running the Half Marathon and 23 people over 65!

Race Guide

Okay, enough dilly-dally. Here’s the race guide. It contains everything from:

  • the race weekend schedule
  • directions to the start line
  • club hike and trifecta info
  • tips on where to eat while visiting
  • and probably the answer to any other question you may have.

Take some time to read the guide and get ready for your trip to the Smokies! (Open the race guide in a new tab.)

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