2018 Grand Teton Half Marathon Course Change

Over the weekend, Teton County closed Cattleman’s Bridge indefinitely due to safety concerns related to unusually high water levels (you can read more about the closure here). Cattleman’s Bridge crosses the Gros Ventre River about one mile away from our finish line at Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club. Since the closure over the weekend we have been working to focus our alternatives into the best option for runners with the least impact on the race.

We unfortunately won’t have that alternative completely finalized until later this week, maybe as late as Thursday. I can tell you a few things:

  1. The race will not be canceled.
  2. Our alternatives almost certainly include a major change to the course. Three likely scenarios include:
    • rerouting the last bit of the course to a different finish line
    • using an alternate bridge to cross
    • doing a version of the course that includes some out and back.

This comes as a surprise to both us and the county and we appreciate your patience as we work through this logistical setback. We assure you we’re working towards the best possible outcome for you and no matter what, it will be a great race. We’ll keep you posted as details are finalized.

Dehn Craig
Event Director, Grand Teton Half Marathon

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