2018 Grand Teton Half Marathon Race Guide Now Available

2018 Grand Teton Half Marathon Race Guide image

We’re getting so close to the Grand Teton Half race weekend! Who’s excited to play?

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about this year’s race include:

  • More runners will be coming from Colorado than from any other state – 165, followed by California and Wyoming
  • Denver wins for the city with the most registrants this year
  • Nearly everyone coming to this year’s race is either from the United States or Canada, but we do have 1 awesome runner coming from South Africa!
  • We’ll have 38 runners over 65

Race Guide

We’ve got the race guide here for you. In it you can find everything from:

  • the schedule
  • directions to the start line
  • club hike and trifecta info
  • tips on where to eat while visiting
  • and probably the answer to any other question you may have.

Take some time to read the guide and get ready for your trip to Grand Teton! (Click the “Pop Out” button to open the race guide in a new tab.)

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