2018 Bryce Canyon Ultra Marathons Race Guide Now Available

The 2018 Bryce Canyon Ultra Marathons are coming! We're only 1 month away!

This might be one of our most diverse races. This year we've got people coming from 16 different countries! Check them out below.

2018 Bryce Canyon Ultra Marathons Race Guide image
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Germany
  • Ecuador
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia
  • United States

If everyone that has registered shows up at the event, we'll chalk up 26,462 miles over race weekend!

So... where are YOU coming from? Which race will you be running? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. There's still room to sign up. If you have friends who want to join the fun, tell them to visit https://vacationraces.com/ultras/bryce-canyon to sign up right away.

Get the Race Guide

This race guide contains all the information you'll need to know for race weekend. Read it thoroughly. Nearly any question you could come up with is answered in the race guide.

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