Hogan Building Project (Updated)

Join us for a unique and hands-on opportunity to learn Navajo tradition by volunteering to help out at a hogan building project on the Navajo Reservation just outside of Page, Arizona on April 23rd & 24th 28th & 29th.

Join us either or both days (Monday & Tuesday Saturday & Sunday). Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. As a gesture of gratitude for your service, Vacation Races will offer a free race entry to project volunteers. We’ll even take care of food during the project as well (Saturday-Sunday) – it will be a fun, exhausting, and meaningful couple of days!

Oh yeah, did I mention morning RUNS through permit only areas of the Navajo Nation including the famous Waterholes slot canyon?!

A few extra details that may help you plan out your trip “There will be camping on site Friday and Saturday nights near the Hogan that we will be working on. We will also have a large vacation rental in Page that everyone is welcome to use for showering and hanging out.

Just let us know you are coming by filling out this form.

No experience necessary. Just a willingness to work hard, learn new things, and be a part of the team.

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