Why we don’t provide GPX files

People often ask us to provide a GPX file in advance of race day. This is challenging mostly because our courses are ever changing. While we know the general route from year to year, there are always small changes here and there and we don’t know of an easy way to create an accurate single file to share with everyone. (If you think you can help, please contact us.)

The Solution

What’s the solution? We recommend downloading theΒ Avenza App. Basically just install the free app, download the race map into the app, and seeexactly where you are on the course. I’ve used it on both Antelope Canyon and Zion courses and it works perfectly.

If you’re concerned about being lost, this is a great solution. It doesn’t require cell coverage to use, so as long as you have clear access to the sky you’ll be good to go.

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Ryan Jenkins

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